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Welcome! This site has been designed to train and learn about Google Apps for Education. Move through at your own pace as you acquire basic knowledge and practical classroom application ideas on the essential Google Apps.
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Google School

Chromebooks Since beginning our district's 1:1 initiative, the amount of Chromebooks in students' hands has 

continued to grow. Because of this, it is important for staff to understand how the devices work as well as the Google Tools that will 

often used. Here is an introduction video to learn a little more about the Chromebooks we use in Muskego-Norway schools. 

Chromebook Intro.


Each topic will begin with a pre-assessment that will determine if you are able to meet the noted objectives for that topic.  

If your self-corrected score indicates a need for further learning of the topic, the online tutorials, documents, videos or Technology Integrator will help you. Even if you do feel comfortable with a topic, you still may learn something new!

Once you feel you have learned the information about the topic, you can take topic completion assessment and check your answers after you finish.  

The Classroom Integration sections will include ideas you when you are ready to begin transforming your classroom using your new Google tools. Click on the logo after each Google Tool to check them out. This aspect will continually change and grow as   
           more classroom applications are used and shared through-out our district.