Here you will find various resources regarding the Muskego-Norway Schools 1:1 Initiative.  While general information is listed below, additional pages can be found on this tab in the drop-down menu of "1:1 Information" or linked below.

General Information

District technology committees have reviewed research and case studies over the past 3 years in conjunction with ongoing work toward personalized learning at the district level. "We need to prepare students for THEIR future, not OUR past" - Ian Jukes, educator and Futurist.

    With the increased focus on personalizing learning for all students and our district strategic and technology plans coming to a close in June 2013, we have a unique opportunity to align our future vision for technology use in the district with the next strategic plan. Our future plans need to address the need for expanded access to technology for staff and students, cloud computing options for anytime / anywhere learning, and a revamped professional development strategy that focuses on offerings tightly aligned to district goals and objectives.

    As a result of the work by various committees over the past 3 years, the following initiatives are in progress:


    • Implementation of Google Apps for Education for all students. This suite of tools will allow for staff and student access to their documents and resources from anywhere with an internet connection. allow for access to a variety of web resources, and allow for instruction on digital citizenship.

    • 3 year plan for all students grades 5-12 having a Chromebook assigned for their use. Research indicates in a 1:1 student computing learning environment there is collaboration, shared experience, work across learning disciplines, differentiated learning, and control over their learning environment. The overall focus is on learning, not the technology. More information will be released on the district website as the rollout is finalized.

    • A continued emphasis on upgrading our district network to provide consistent access to internal and external resources for all students.

    • Technology Professional development for staff that is aligned to the district strategic plan and is offered in a variety of formats to best fit the needs and skills of our staff.