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5.0 MOUG Liaisons

MOUG usually holds its annual conference at the same time of year as MLA’s annual meeting.  Although MOUG sessions are typically scheduled for Tuesday afternoon and evening and all day Wednesday (until 5:30 pm), MOUG recently has been scheduling its meeting for all day Tuesday and Wednesday morning so MOUG members can participate in MLA-sponsored tours or workshops.  MOUG is responsible for planning its program, obtaining speakers, and establishing its budget for the meeting.  Although MLA has no official financial responsibility for MOUG’s events, MLA’s Convention Manager includes MOUG’s hotel requirements in MLA’s mega contract.  The CM arranges for meeting space, equipment, and catering in accordance with MOUG’s specifications.  After receiving the hotel invoice the cost of these services is reported to the MLA Administrative Officer and the MLA Business Office, who invoices MOUG for payment to MLA.  In recognition of the additional demand placed on the CM’s time, MOUG pays a subvention to MLA (currently $1,000) to help offset the service provided by MLA.  MOUG should consult the MLA Business Office regarding any functions performed by the MLA Business Office for MOUG’s annual meeting, MLA’s contracted services with A-R Editions do not include such ancillary services. 

The CM is responsible for forwarding to MOUG’s liaison information regarding the cost of A/V equipment, catering, and room availability.  MOUG provides the CM with a schedule of events, set up preferences, equipment specifications, and catering requirements.  Communication regarding these matters is similar to that of MLA’s Local Arrangements Committee and Program Committee, and it generally adheres to the same deadlines for budget input and hotel arrangements.  Because MOUG includes its registration form and schedule in MLA’s conference materials, final information details must be forwarded to the MLA Business Office by October 1 or the date established by the AO and the Business Office.  Should MOUG decide not to take advantage of MLA’s online registration, the MOUG liason should convey that information to the MLA President and AO well in advance of the meeting.

The CM informs the MOUG liaison as plans develop for future MLA annual meetings so that MOUG may consider these venues for its own functions.  If ever MOUG were to decide not to meet in conjunction with MLA, the MOUG liaison should notify the CM at least one year in advance to avoid incurring penalties to MLA from having to cancel already agreed upon hotel commitments and to accommodate registration programming by the MLA Business Office.