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For your enjoyment and enlightenment, here's a sampler of images and videos that you will find on our Free Key Maps for the Piano site - which is also dedicated to making the keyboard easier to learn and play. That site presents our vertically oriented "key map notation." Link to that site: (be aware that clicking on this link will take you FROM the present site - to the Key Maps site.)

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Key Diagram on Keyboard - Mary 1 Finger.mp4

The 7 Identical Piano Octave Groups

For more a more detailed explanation
 about how key maps work,
you can go to by clicking the link to that site at the beginning of this page.

Diagram on Keyboard - Mary - 2 Hands

Notes for the black keys are on the vertical lines. Notes for the white keys are in the spaces between the lines, just as the white keys are between the black keys on the keyboard.
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PK-54 - Mary Had a Little Lamb - Julia 1403.mp4

PK-60 - Twinkle Little Star - Julia 1404.mp4

RP - Beethoven-Moonlight - Sofiya 1303 ‎(1)‎.MOV

LS We Wish You a Merry Christmas-- Karina's Interpretations 2013.mp4

RP - Bach, CPE-Solfegietto - Bryanna 1306.mp4

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