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What is Bookshare?

Bookshare is a collection of books available for individuals who cannot read traditional print books because of visual impairment, physical disability or severe learning disability. 

What tools can be used to access Bookshare?

Read on a Computer

ApplicationSystem RequirementsImage SupportWord HighlightingOffline ReadingBookshare Integrated 
Bookshare Web Reader (FREE)Browser RequirementsYesYesNoYes
Capti Narrator (FREE) 
  • Version 1.0
Windows and MacYesYesYesYes
DD Reader+ (FREE) 
  • Release 20140825
Windows OnlyYesNoYesNo
Dolphin EasyReader
  • Version 6.04
Windows onlyYesYesYesNo
FS Reader (FREE with JAWS)
  • Version 2
Windows onlyNoNoYesNo
Kurzweil 1000 and 3000
  • Windows version 13
  • Mac version 5
Windows and MacYesYesYesYes
Open LORE Read
  • Version 1.1
Windows onlyYesYesYesYes
Read&Write GOLD
  • Version 11
Windows and MacYesYesYesNo
ReadHearWindows and MacYesNoYesNo
Victor Reader Soft - Bookshare Edition (FREE)
  • Version 2.6
Windows onlyNoYesYesNo
Wynn 7.0
  • Version 7
Windows only
Read:OutLoud - Bookshare Edition 6 (FREE)
  • Version 2.1
Windows and Mac (before Mavericks)YesYesYesYes
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Read on a Tablet or Smartphone

ApplicationSystem RequirementsImage SupportWord HighlightingOffline ReadingBookshare Integrated 
Go Read (FREE)AndroidNoNoYesYes
Voice Dream ReaderiPad/iPhoneNoYesYesYes
Capti Narrator(FREE)iPad/iPhoneNoNoYesYes
Darwin ReaderAndroidNoNoYesYes
Kurzweil Firefly K3000iPad/iPhoneYesYesNoYes Individual Members Only
Spotlight TextiPad/iPhoneNoYesYesYes
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Read on a Hardware Device

DeviceDevice TypeSupported File TypesBookshare Integrated 
NLS Reader (FREE)DAISY Audio PlayerDAISY, AudioNo
Blaze EZDAISY Audio PlayerDAISY, Audio, TextNo
Book Port DesktopDAISY Audio PlayerDAISY, BRF, Audio, TextYes
Book Port PlusDAISY Audio PlayerDAISY, Audio, TextNo
BookSenseDAISY Audio PlayerDAISY, BRF, Audio, TextNo
BrailleNote Apex and mPowerBraille NotetakerDAISY, BRF, AudioNo
Braille PlusBraille NotetakerDAISY, BRF, Audio, TextNo
Braille Plus 2nd GenerationBraille NotetakerDAISY, BRF, Audio, TextYes
Braille SenseBraille NotetakerDAISY, BRFYes
Milestone 312DAISY Audio PlayerDAISY, Audio, TextNo
PlexTalk PocketDAISY Audio PlayerDAISY, AudioNo
Victor Reader StreamDAISY Audio PlayerDAISY, Audio, BRF, TextNo
Victor Reader Stream (New Generation)DAISY Audio PlayerDAISY, Audio, BRF, TextYes
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Other Accessibility Tools

ApplicationSystem RequirementsWord HighlightingOffline ReadingBookshare Integrated 
Dolphin GuideLearn MoreYesYesYes
DynaVoxLearn MoreYesYesYes
JAWSLearn MoreNoYesNo
VoiceOverMac OS X onlyNoYesNo
Window-EyesLearn MoreNoYesNo
ZoomTextLearn MoreYesYesNo

How to use Bookshare Web Reader on Chromebooks

Log into your MUSDstudents.org account
Sign in

How to use Bookshare Web Reader with in Chrome

Log into your MUSDstudents.org account
Sign in

If there is no audio then add the Bookshare web reader extension to your Chrome browser

Search for the Bookshare Web Reader
Install the extension
Try Bookshare again

YouTube Video

How to use Bookshare via the Voice Dream Reader app

Open Voice Dream Reader
Go to the settings page 
Change the Bookshare account that is signed in