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(1) Internet Safety K-1


Did you know that today is Digital Learning Day?

Ask: What does digital mean? Can you name any things that are digital?

The internet is a digital tool that we can use that can help us to learn. Sometimes when we are using the internet we say that we are online.


We are going to watch a video about a girl who has a 3 questions about the internet. Can you find the answers?

NetSafe Utah- What is the Internet- ‎(K-3)‎.mp4


How big is the internet and how is it different from the real world?

What are the good things on the internet?

Is the internet made only for children?


Internet Safety Rules

So we always want to…Keep Safe, Keep Away, and Keep Telling… 
Keep Safe: don't share any information about yourself or your friends… 
o real name 
o address 
o phone number 
o name of your school 
o picture of yourself ...to anyone online

Keep Away from internet strangers (anyone you don't know in real life) 

Keep Telling your parents what you see on the internet 
o ALWAYS tell your parents if you see something that makes you feel uncomfortable, scared, or just is icky. 


Review Questions

*What personal information about yourself should you never give on the internet? 
*Why should you keep away from strangers? 
*Who should you tell if you see something that makes you uncomfortable, scared, or just is icky on the internet? 

Tell your partner one way to keep safe on the internet. 
(Sentence frame: To keep safe I will ________________.) 

Rebecca Bailey,
Mar 9, 2015, 9:09 AM