Politics is the process by whereby a broad range of binding decisions are made for a community. 
Binding = People must accept the decision.

This class is to provide students a basic understand of the American political structure. social, and cultural history of the United States with an emphasis on the 20th century. The main focus of this course are as follows: Introduction & Foundations of American Government, the Constitution and Amendments, Congress (the Legislative Branch), the Presidency (the Executive Branch), and the Supreme Court (the Judicial Branch). An effort will be made to understand the roots of the American character and our social/political institutions. This class will place special emphasis on linking the past with the present. This class will analyze the effects of the past and how it shaped contemporary culture. Students will be presented with differing perspectives on issues and events in order to develop critical thinking skills of an informed citizen in the contemporary world.

Guiding Question: Is American government exceptional and worth our efforts to sustain? How can I make a difference in US Politics?

Major Topics:

*Role of the Media
*Constitutional Rights
*State Rights