Credit Recovery Odysseyware Program (CROP) began in August 2015 with the goal of helping students recover credits. Upon joining CROP, students are to complete a CROP Contact. CROP is a great choice for students needing partial credit in a class to cut down on contracts, for elective options, and to recover lost credit. Credit Recovery Mode allows students to test out of units for quick credits in classes they have previously failed and not otherwise made up (if student passes pretest with 80%).

New to CROP:
1. Follow the Welcome Letter Directions. For most of you, this has been emailed to you already.
2. If you have not had a course assigned to you, have your adviser complete the CROP Sign Up sheet.

Classroom Procedures
Come to class on time which means before the second bell. Upon entering the class, grab a computer, take your assigned seats, and turn the computer on, and begin completing your assignments. Bookmark this page this is where you can find your Odysseyware course. During class: 1. There should be NO TALKING. 2. No off task cell phone use (Music Okay).
3. No First 10 or Last 10 for passes.
4. Ask Mr. Testa if you need help! 5. You CANNOT use online sources on quizzes and tests, but you can use them for research projects. Last 4 minutes: 1. Mr. Testa will "push" the Exit to students. Please fill it out accurately. CROP EXIT 2. Students will bring up their Chromebooks and Mr. Testa will put them in the ChromeCart.
Sunset off I-94 West North Dakota July 2015.

1. Students are expected to earn at least 2.5 Credits per quarter in CROP. If you fall below pace, you may be dropped!
2. Students are to be doing their work in class, which means not bothering others, talking, or using your cell phone. You may be dropped from the class if you do not comply after 1st being given a warning!

WORK AT HOME: You can do Odysseyware at home and are encouraged to do so! But don't do tests or finals (quizzes okay).

Special Note about Odysseyware:
Odysseyware requires that you complete a quizzes and tests in one sitting. If you do not finish a quiz or test, the system will mark you as having gotten incomplete answers incorrect.

JOIN THE GOOGLE CLASSROOM: The Class Code for Period 2 is g6iofq. The Class Code for Period 5 is c2trln.

Odysseyware has a full catalog of online course. The courses below are recommended by Mr. Testa.

*Physical Education
*Language Classes
*Digital Art
*General History 900
*General Science 900
*Media Studies
*High School Health
*Music Appreciation
*Personal Financial Literacy
*Earth Science
*Career Exploration 1
*Consumer Math
*Several Career technical courses, if you know what you want to do after high school.
Hollywood Walk of Fame. One of Odysseyware's more popular courses is Media Studies which looks at how mass media impacts daily life.

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