Graduate TESOL Program Guide


This is a guide for graduate students in the Murray State University TESOL Program. These pages are a virtual handbook for the program, to help you find information about resources and policies from the time you start until the time you graduate. Information in this guide does not supersede or replace official rules and policies of the university or the TESOL program in the Academic Bulletin (link below), but it is here to help you find practical answers more quickly. Think of this as a virtual tour guide -- here to take you on a tour of the next chapter of your education!

For more administrative information about the Graduate TESOL program, you can check here. Since this site is designed to give information to Graduate students (MA and ESL Endorsement), a lot of the information here isn't applicable to Undergraduates. If you are in the Undergraduate TESOL program, you can check here for more information pertinent to your program.

The Murray State RacerNet is a valuable resource.  On this site, you can find links to Canvas, Calendars, Your Murray State Racer Email, and MyGate.  You can visit RacerNet by clicking here
Who is your Advisor?

The advisor for all graduate TESOL students is Dr. Latricia Trites,
Director of the MSU TESOL Program