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Selected Emails to the Members of TCA during 2002-03

The Tamil Cultural Association's circulars are sent to the members through email. 

Some of the selected Emails during the Eventful Year 2002-03:


Sent: Wednesday, June 05, 2002 7:19 AM 
Subject: Tamil Play 

Dear Members,

Here comes a rare opportunity! 
A full-length modern Tamil play in Hong Kong stage for the first time!
Power of this tension-filled play emerges in the way it directly touches each and every one us and the way it remains contemporary in every sense!


-a play by Lenz

Date: 22 June 2002,Time: 7.30pm (sharp),Venue: Wei Hing Theatre,City University of Hong Kong Kowloon Tong

Nirabaradhigalin Kaalam (Time of the innocent ones) is a serious attmept to create a modern Tamil theatre event in Hong Kong. Breaking from the conventional theatrics, the play singularly concentrates and explores the central issue of 'innocence and guilt'. Every element of the theatre, like acting, dialogue delivery, movement and composition, lighting, music, stage design, etc., have been chosen to amplify the threads and shades of the theme, rather than for the narrative.

Cast:M.R. Srinivasan [Press Worker] ; Karthik Hariharan [Engineer]; Raji Srinivasan [Bank Manager] ; V.R. Murali Narayanan [Professor]; Alamelu Ramanathan [Doctor];S. Prasad [Farmer]; M. Ramanathan [Hotel Manager]; K. Sivakumar [Lorry Driver]; Vaidehi Sridharan [Student] ; K.G. Srinivasan [Sasoon]; M. Abdul Kadhar [Major (Act 1), Guard (Act 2)]; Prakash Nagraj [Guard (Act 1), Captain (Act 2)]

Production team:K. G. Srinivasan;V. R. Murali Narayanan
Stage properties:Prakash Nagraj
Coordinators :M. R. Srinivasan [Rehearsals]; Raji Srinivasan [Dialogue]; Alamelu Ramanathan [Movements]
Music:R.P Jairam
Costume:Vaidehi Sridharan
Stage Manager :M Ramanathan

Direction & Lighting: 
M. Sridharan

Please come and share this unique dramatic experience. For tickets and enquiries, contact:
Shakuntala Viswanathan, 2523 5855 (Home),S.Narayanamurthy, 2375 2996 (Work),V.Iyyappan, 9166 5638,Prabha Hariswamy, 2880 5838(Home),K.Sivakumar, 9679 5673,N.Ravichandran, 9747 7725
Kindly forward this mail to all your interested contacts.

N. Ravichandran
Secretary, The Tamil Cultural Association


Sent: Friday, June 07, 2002 10:19 PM 
Subject: Indian Film Festival 

Dear Friends, 

Most of you might be aware that under the auspicious of Leisure and Cultural Services Department, Hong Kong and Consulate General of India, an Indian Film Festival is on the way. Between 10th and 23rd June, 2002 Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Telugu, Kanada, Assamese and Tamil will be screened in Hong Kong. Bharathi and Roja are the Tamil films.

We have received some feed back on the booking status. The bookings for Assamese and Tamil films are extremely poor, as on date. One can understand why Assamese films are not subscribed in Hong Kong. But is it not painful to learn, in Hong Kong where some 2000 Tamil speaking people are living, booking for Tamil films is not enthusiastic. We as a community are fond of cinema. How can we allow Tamil films to be screened in theatres that are not full? I feel we should ensure that Tamil films should meet good booking status. This will encourage Hong Kong and Indian governments to bring in more such cultural activities to Hong Kong in future.

Schedule for Tamil films is as under:

  • Bharathi at 6.30pm on 14/06/02 (Friday) at Space Museum Lecture Hall
  • Roja at 12.30pm on 15/06/02 (Saturday) at Space Museum Lecture Hall
  • Bharathi at 9.00pm on 15/06/02(Saturday) at Space Museum Lecture Hall 
  • Roja at 6.30pm on 23/06/02(Sunday) at Science Museum Lecture Hall

The bookings can be made at the following places:
Programme Enquiries : 27342900 ,Telephone Reservations:27349009 ,Credit Card Tele Booking:2111599 , Internet Booking:
Ticket costs HK$40 for adults and HK$20 for children. A 20% discount for more than 10 bookings at a time.

Please book your tickets. Spread the word to your friends. Enjoy the viewing of quality films in big screen.

Yours filmfully,
President, The Tamil Cultural Association  

From: The Tamil Cultural Association 
Sent: Thursday, September 12, 2002 7:54 AM 
Subject: Pravasi Bharatiya Divas 

Dear Friends,

You may be aware that Government of India will be celebrating Pravasi Bharatiya Divas (PBD), a gathering of the global Indian family on 9th January 2003 on a grand scale.

The Objectives are 
•    To engage with all NRIs/PIOs to understand their sentiments about India and create a policy framework for their sustained and productive interaction with India and its people. 
•    To acquaint the Indian people with the depth, variety and achievements of the Indian Diaspora and sensitize them on its problems and expectations from India. 
•    To provide an opportunity for members of the Indian Diaspora to network and build relationships that criss-cross 110 countries of the world. 
•    To utilize this opportunity to develop synergies with the host countries in view of the pre-eminent role the Indian Diaspora has played in our relations with these countries. 

This will provide an opportunity to have interface with Leading Indians. Maximum of ten "Pravasi Bharatiya Samman" awards are also proposed to be conferred on the occasion of "Pravasi Bharatiya Divas" every year.

Hong Kong has a sizable presence of Indian Diaspora. Persons of Indian origin(PIO) and Non-Resident Indians(NRI) based in Hong Kong have significant achievements to their credits; they have made notable contributions both to the development of Hong Kong and India as well as to fostering of mutually beneficial links between India and Hong Kong/Mainland China.

The participation in the PBD is open to all NRIs and PIOs through simple registration, for which a fee of US$ 200/- is payable. However if you register before 15th September 2002 the fee is US$ 175/- only. No separate invitation would be necessary for participants in the PBD.

The registration could be done online. The details are available at
We wish to have a sizable presence from Hong Kong at the proposed "Pravasi Bharatiya Divas" celebration from 9th to 11th January, 2003.

Warm Regards,
On behalf The Tamil Cultural Association
K G Srinivasan
Mail Coordinator


From: The Tamil Cultural Association 
Sent: Monday, September 16, 2002 8:22 PM 
Subject: Cultural Fiesta 

Dear Friends,

We are happy to inform you that the Tamil Cultural Association will be celebrating the Mid Autumn Festival with a Cultural Fiesta on 28th September 2002 at Wei Hing Theatre, City University of Hong Kong, Kowloon Tong. The programme will start at 7.15 pm sharp.

The following are lined up for the day:

  •  A Variety Show including mimicry, and silambattam by Malaysian Tamil artiste, who will be in Hong Kong on that day.
  • Our proven local talent are preparing hard for the day 
    A. "Theduthal" a short skit directed by Mr. S.Prasad, wherein one person portrays two different characters; 
    B. Dance drama choreographed by Mrs. Sandhya Gopal;
    C. A music feast with our best singers conducted by Maestro R P Jairam;
    D. A skit directed by Mrs. Chitra Sivakumar
  • Tamil Book Release Function:  It is indeed a pleasure to announce that a Tamil book entitled, "Chinese Language-An Introduction" written by Mr. M. Sridharan will be released on that day. The book introduces Mandarin and compares some aspects between Tamil and Chinese. A phonetic system based on Tamil script to pronounce Chinese sounds is also introduced. This could be the first Indian language book that introduces Chinese language. Mr. Ashok K. Kantha, Consul General of India has kindly consented to release the book. The Tamil Cultural Association takes pride in associating with such a path breaking Indo- Sino cultural & literary activity.

Please inform all your friends and ensure that everyone known to you are there at City University. Thanking you for your support.

Warm Regards,
S Prasad
Programme Coordinator 

****************************** **************************************

From: The Tamil Cultural Association 
Sent: Monday, October 07, 2002 11:00 PM 
Subject: Cultural Fiesta 

Dear Friends,

The feedback for Cultural Fiesta is encouraging. Members have enjoyed Sandhya Gopal’s Bharatha Nattyam, Jairam’s Musical Feast, Chitra Sivakumar’s children skit and Malaysia Maheswarn’s mimicry. There were some adverse comments on time management. We have taken a serious note and try to do better in future.

The highlight of the programme- book release- has been widely acclaimed. Our guest of honour Mr Ashok Kantha’s speech was excellent. Prof. Geoff Wade, Mr.Md Yoonus and Mr.Sridharan all took the forum to high intellectual level. Compeering of Vidya Ramani and Narsimhan made the programme more interesting.

Some of you might have seen the coverage of the book release function in the media. South China Morning Post published a snippet on 5 October 2002("Features-Under Cover"). Leading Chinese dailies Ta Gung Pao, Wen Wai Pao and Lian He Zao Pao have all carried items on book release. The Hindu carried a detailed story. Dinamnai, Thina Thanthi and Kumudam wrote on the book release, as well. A tamil online magazine Thinnai has placed an article on the book. You may wish to read them with the following links:

Malaysian Tamil dailies Tamil Nesan & Malaysian Nanban have also written on the book. These dailies are not available online. The news was narrated in Tamil radio channel as well, in their daily 'What's in the Paper' slot.

About 100 copies of the book were purchased during the programme. Soon books will be available in all Bookazine outlets. Books can also be purchased from the Association. Contact Abdul Kader at 9077 0485 or K G Srinivasan at 6076 2650 or S Prasad at 9121 5980

Thank you for your support.

S Prasad
Programme Coordinator-Cultural Fiesta

From: The Tamil Cultural Association 
Sent: Wednesday, December 11, 2002 7:36 AM 
Subject: Asian Ethnic Cultural Performance 

Dear Friends,

The classical dance performance of our child artists on 17 November 2002 at Tsim Sha Tsui Cultural Centre was a remarkable one. Some 400 people who witnessed the programme were simply stunned by the quality. The programme was jointly organised by Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) and Consulate General of India (CGI). CGI has recorded appreciation for the effort. CGI’s letter is reproduced at the end of this mail.

We wish to thank our artists, namely Deepti ,Nidhi ,Radhika ,Renuka , Sakshi Kumar, Sakshi Gopal, Sumedha, Sara ,Uma ,Rasya and Soumya for their dedication and sincerity; Sandhya Gopal for her tireless work in directing the programme; and LCSD and CGI for providing us an opportunity.

M Ramanathan



25 November 2002


Mr. M Ramanathan
The Tamil Cultural Association
Hong Kong

Dear Sir,

This is to thank you for arranging the participation of the cultural troupe in the Asian Ethnic Cultural Performances held at Hong Kong Cultural Centre Piazza on 17 November 2002. The programme presented by your Association was well received by the audience. We thank you for arranging this participation.

With best wishes,
Yours faithfully
K Govindan


From: The Tamil Cultural Association 
Sent: Friday, December 20, 2002 7:16 AM 
Subject: "Bharti Vizha" Feedback 

Dear Friends,

It was indeed a wonderful evening on this Saturday, 14th of December. Mahakavi was fondly remembered. The feedback are flowing in. The effects that were put in these programmes were well received and according to some the Panjali Sabatham play was truly a professional one and it was a performance of par excellence.

Lot of people has thanked the committee, for ending the programme as scheduled at 9.30 pm and we personally thank Mr.V Iyappan on this, as he was motivating us to achieve this. This allows people who have come all the way, to interact with one another. We would have loved to start the programme at 7.15 pm sharp as announced, but could not do so, as some of the participants were not ready and above all we had only 75 odd people in the auditorium at that point of time. It is well known that on a Saturday evening the traffic in HK moves at snails pace, so let us try start early for the programme in future.

All children’s programmes were well received. We would like to thank all the young participants, parents, coordinators and respective directors/teachers for such a wonderful performance. According to some of the suggestions received the songs selected were not representative samples. According to some others with bit more emphasizing on the emotions to the words, the songs would have been on a different level altogether. We will try to do better in future. We thank all our child artists for their active participation. A programme listing with participants’ names is attached.

We also thank to our seasoned speakers Mr.Natarajan, Mr.Kuppusamy and Mrs.Raji Srinivasan for their informative and thought provoking discussion on the life and work of Bharathi.

The electrifying performance by the cast of Panjali Sabadham or Vithiyo Kanavare by Aykya team, in presenting the play, was very much appreciated and lots of people considered the play as the highlight of the day. We would like to thank all those who were involved for giving us such a wonderful play. Again, participants list is attached.

Please feel free to write your comments/suggestions to
Thanking you all.

Warm regards.
S Prasad
On behalf of Bharathi Vizha Committee
********************************************* ************************

From: The Tamil Cultural Association 

Sent: Thursday, January 23, 2003 7:18 AM 

Dear Members, 

Wishing you all a very Happy Chinese New Year! Kung Hei Fat Choi!

We would like to thank you all for your able support for making Bharathi vizha held on 14th December 2002 a grand and successful event. Hope you all enjoyed the variety of programs including "Panchali Sabadham" which was preceded by enjoyable and colourful children’s program. We assure you of more such variety of programmes in the coming months with your continued support.

We would like to inform you that our Annual Function THAMIZHAR VIZHA is scheduled to take place on Saturday, the 8th of February, 2003 at 7.00 p.m. in Wei Hing Theatre, City University, Kowloon Tong. The programme committee was overwhelmed with responses for this programme.

This is yet another colourful event, which includes a variety of songs, dance, and small skits, performed by children and elders. We would be grateful if you can solicit your presence and support along with family and friends to make this event yet another grand and successful one.

Programme Coordinator ,Thamizhar Vizha Committee


From: "The Tamil Cultural Association" 
Subject: Drama Festival
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2003 07:49:26 +0800 

Dear Members:
 As per our earlier communication Drama Festival  is to take place on 22nd March 2003, at Wei Hing Theatre, Amenities Building, City University of Hong Kong, Kowloon Tong. Your cooperation of early arrival is sought to facilitate us to commence the evening's programme on the dot at 7 P.M.

 Calling this the grand finale for the year, will detract from the credit due to the other wonderful programmes that you have witnessed during the course of this year-  Seems like the quality and the enthusiasm of local participation does away with having to bring in expensive troupes from India- But  this will be last event for this operating year ( April02 to March03) for your Association, before the AGM on 30th March ( Details on  the AGM will follow, in subsequent mails)

 This evening will feature three plays. Also see "Tharangini" a newly formed Indian Fine Arts Group under the directorship of Jairam, is making its debut.  

The details of the three plays are as under: 

  • H2O 

 Kaveri and Karmegam are the innocent villagers with a high hope on government. A political satire with a contemporary issue.  
Cast:  Shankar, Indira, Venkat, Ramesh, Priya, Radha, Deepa Sam & Mani.  
Direction: K S Venkatraman(Ram)

  • Raja Throgam

The drama is enacted in a historical backdrop when monarchy was prevailing. Care has been taken in costumes, make-up and dialogue delivery. The kingdom faces several problems, but the king tries to solve them in a peculiar way. Could he really solve them? 
Cast: King: Abdul Kadher; Minister:Shahabudin; Commander:Faizal; Magician:Ali; Politician:Shafiyur Rehman; Soldier: Anas. 

Direction: Abdul Kadher

Oedipus is a play by Sophocles (written in 420 B.C) has been cited by Aristotle as the best example of a tragedy. Freud's psycho-analytical concept of 'Oedipus Complex' is also derived from this play's theme. As the prophet in the play says, having eyes need not mean that we see everything, especially the changes in the offing. Oedipus, the king, hunts for a solution and truth. In the end of this gripping story, he finds that he is the hunter, and also, the hunted.

Cast: Oedipus, the king: Karthik Hariharan; Jocasta, the queen: Raji KGS; Teiresias, the prophet: Raji MRS; Krayon, brother of the queen: Vaidyanathan; Soothiradhaari: Anu Mukunthan; Shepherd: M.R. Srinivasan; Servant: K.G. Srinivasan; Messenger: Mukunthan. 

Direction: Vaidehi Sridharan 
We once again urge you to arrive early so that we can commence the evening's programme at 7. P.M. Hoping to see you all turn in with family and friends for what promises to be a fine evening.
Programme Coordinator-Drama Festival

 Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) leaflet: "Asia Ethnic Cultural Performances". Tamil Cultural Association's classical dance performance (17 Nov 2002)  was widely acclaimed.


 Tamil Cultural Association    
Original: Mahakavi Bharathi
Dramatised By: Aykya

Date: 14 December, 2002
Venue: Wei Hing Theatre, City University, Kowloon Tong
K G Srinivasan [Soothrathari]
N Venkat [Saguni]
S Vaidyanathan [Dharman]
V R Murali Narayanan [Dhoriyothanan]
C G Krishnamurthi [Vithuran]
J Mukunthan [Theerotti]
Anuradha Mukunthan [Panjali]
Abdul Kadher [Thuchathanan]
K Sivakumar [Bheeshman]
Ramesh Krishnan [Bheeman]
V S Shri Sankaraan [Arjunan]
S Arul [Karnan]
Karthik Hariharan [Nagulan]
Prakash Nagaraj [Sagathevan]
Kasim Abidi [Dhirithrashtran]

M R Srinivasan
Raji Srinivasan
Anuradha Mukunthan

S Prasad [Rehearsals]
K Sivakumar [Movements]
C G Krishnamurthi [Dialogue]
V Iyyappan
Vaidehi Sridharan
Karthik Hariharan

Vaidehi Sridharan
R P Jairam
K G Srinivasan
M Sridharan
M Ramanathan
பாஞ்சாலி சபதம் அல்லது 'விதியோ கணவரே'