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President's Report for the Year 2002-03

The Tamil Cultural Association, Hong Kong
(Registered Under Societies Ordinance Chapter. 151, Section 5, dated: 13.10.1967)
G. P. O. Box No. 5923, Hong Kong


President's Report for the Year 2002-03 

30 March 2003

Dear Members,

I have great pleasure in addressing you, on the activities of the Association in the year 2002-03.

The Annual General Meeting held on14 April 2002 elected the Executive Committee for the year 2002-03. Composition of the Committee:

President: Mr M. Ramanathan

First Vice-President: Mr J. V. Ramani
Second Vice-President: Mr S. Prasad

Hon. Secretary: Mr N. Ravichandran
Hon Assistant Secretary: Mr A. Safiyur Rehman

Committee Members:
Mr A. S. Jamal
Mr K. G. Srinivasan
Mr M. Abdul Kader
Mr S. Vaidyanathan
Mr K. Sivakumar
Mr M. A. J. Abdul Kareem
Ex-Officio: Mr S. Narayanmoorthy

This year’s activities started with a Boat Party on19 May 2002. Some 250 people enjoyed the cruise. The water was full of boats-ferries, hydrofoils, catamarans, cruise ships, regular ships, sampans and all sorts of service vessels. The trip was filled with programs such as ThambolaPattuku Pattu and a variety of games for children.

Nirabaradhigalin Kaalam (Time of the Innocent Ones), the Tamil translation of a German play, was staged on22 June 2002 by Aykya. The play was a serious attempt to create a modern Tamil theatre event in Hong Kong. Breaking from the conventional theatrics, the play singularly concentrates and explores the central issue of ‘innocence and guilt’. Mr. M Sridharan directed the play.

picnic to Po Leung Kok, Sai Kung on11 August 2002 was also well attended. This is one of the few places where one can involve in a wide range of activities and sports without having to carry any sporting gear. Activities range from archery, boating/canoeing, badminton, basketball, cycling, football, table tennis, karaoke, trampolining, etc. Apart from all these activities, children had a great time with all the open space

The Mid-Autumn Festival was celebrated with a Cultural Fiesta on 28 September 2002. Performances included Bharathanattyam, a musical feast, and a children’s skit. Malaysian artists performed mimicry and silambattam on special invitation. The highlight of the program was the release of a Tamil book entitled “Chinese Language – An Introduction” written by Payani (Mr M. Sridharan). The book introduces Mandarin and compares some aspects of Tamil and Chinese. A phonetic system based on Tamil script to pronounce Chinese sounds is also introduced. This could be the first Indian-language book that introduces the Chinese language. Mr Ashok K. Kantha, Consul General of India was our guest of honour and also released the book. Prof. Goeff Wade and Mr S Md Yoonus spoke at the event. The function was widely covered in the local and Indian media. The Association takes pride in being associated with such a path breaking Sino-Indian cultural and literary activity

The birthday of Mahakavi Bharathiyar was celebrated at the Bharathi Vizha on 14 December 2002. The line up for the evening included recital of Bharathi songs, Kummi (a small musical skit on Bharathi) and the life history of Bharathi as a katha kalakshebam presented by children. We also had an enciting Vuari Oviyam presented by three well-known speakers. The highlight of the evening was Panjali Sabatham, originally written by Mahakavi Bharathi and dramatized by Aykya that was staged in koothustyle. Mr.M. Ramanathan directed the play, which was truly a professional one and it was a performance par excellence.

Thamizhar Vizha, a predominantly children’s program, was held on 8February 2003. Around 60 children astonished the audience by their performances. All children who participated in various programs throughout the year were given prizes as a token of appreciation.

Drama Festival took place on22 March 2003. The level of interest and enthusiasm was so high that future committees could contemplate putting up at least two such events every year in addition to full length plays. This year the competitive flavour was removed and the event had a festival-like fragrance. The following plays were staged: (1) H2O directed by Mr K S Venkatraman(Ram); (2) Raja Throgam directed by Mr Abdul Kadher; and (3) Oedipus directed by Mrs. Vaidehi Sridharan. In addition to the plays, Tharangini, a newly formed multi-lingual Indian art group, staged a choir performance with a repertoire of Tamil, Hindi and Bengali songs. Mr R. P. Jairam conducted the choir.

The Association presented a collage of Indian classical dances in “Asian Ethnic Cultural Performance” on17 November 2002, which was jointly organized by the Consulate General of India and the Leisure and Cultural Services Department.

Due to the concerted efforts of the Executive Committee members and other members, the membership position has improved. The number of Ordinary Members stands at 143, while the effective number of Life Members is 54. However, there are still many Tamil speaking people who have not enrolled in the Association, or not promptly renewed and I request all members of the Association to bring in more members in the coming year.

Thanks to the renewals of membership, addition of new members and surplus on the social events organized by the Association, the financials of the Association are in good shape. The treasurer Mr V Iyappan will deal with this in greater detail

The Association took an active role in disseminating information from the Consulate General of India, including the Indian Film Festival inHong Kong that took place in June 2002 and Pravasi Bharatiya Divas during January 2003.

This year witnessed wonderful programs and the quality and the enthusiasm of local participation does away with having to bring in expensive troupes from India. Membership base and financials are all improving. The Association is sure to grow from strength to strength in the years to come

I extend my sincere thanks to the Executive Committee members for their active support. I thank the talented members who continually provided good program content and also those who participated in the various events. I also thank all the members who were kind enough to act as volunteers in these functions. I also thank all members who were kind enough to act as volunteers in these functions. I am grateful to all members of the Association for attending the functions in large numbers and supporting the various events of the year.I wish the new Executive Committee a great success in the coming year.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

M Ramanathan