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Early Yoga sequence

 For a fast introduction to what I used to look like when I did yoga, here is an old album of photos, with commentary by me. These photos were all taken before I had a video camera, so there is no motion.

I also just noticed that the video repeats twice, so I'll get that fixed and repost.

Handstand Lotus

 Here I am at age 36 doing something that was still pretty easy for me at the time. Now, eight years later, handstands are still fairly easy, but the scorpion part of it isn't. I'm beginning to wonder about the intelligence of performing even handstands though, because the pain in my wrists is starting to put me off. These days, a nice calm headstand is much more comfortable.

MTV once wanted to hire me to model this pose while balancing on a specially reinforced television set. The money was great and, it would be my second professional modeling assignment. I wanted to do it, but my wife was worried I would reinjure myself like I did on the first modeling job. Therefore, I didn't do it. At the time I was a bit annoyed, but now I can see where she was coming from and think it may have been the better choice.

Even so, at that time, doing what they wanted was easy.


 This was one of my favorite postures when I was younger. Once, when I was waiting for Ina Saltz, a Time Magazine art director, to return to her office, I did one of these. I'd just spent the last two days awake to make a double page illustration for the international version of the magazine and needed to stretch. It was a cramped office, piled high with unbalanced papers, toys, office supplies, and other objects of various shapes and sizes. Despite all the clutter, I snaked my leg up behind my head and did the natarajasana while reading articles pinned to the wall.

When Ina came back, she gave out a gasp and said "Andrew!"

handstand scorpion

 I first saw this pose in the Sivananda Yoga book. Immediately, I wanted to learn how to do it also. The scorpion part of it was easy, but the handstand took some practice to figure out. Once, I tried to do a handstand on a stool I had, and fell. That hurt all the way down, and then when the stool fell on me.

I used to hold this pose for six minutes twice each day. Sometimes I tried to read a book while doing it, but it was too difficult. I had to use weights to hold the pages down, and then there was no way to turn the pages. I'd get two pages of reading, and then I'd have to stop. Even worse, it created anxiety to get to the next page, and this interfered with my concentration.

Fast Scorpion


Cobra pose


Forward Bend


Full Scorpion


Peacock posture


Lotus Handstand, anterior view


Lotus Scorpion


Lotus Handstand, lateral view


Crow posture


Crane posture


Peacock posture


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