Other locations

 Deep woods in Autumn
11 x 16
11 x 16
 Painted for Nina's graduation
 Construction zone
 It's a shame I don't get out to make watercolors that often anymore, I very much enjoy sitting outside for hours recording quiet moments like this.
 Recycling plant
 Nina went out with me to paint this place on a very hot day. When we got back we were both sunburned. I want to paint this factory again because I'm not totally satisfied with this. I think I spent too much time drawing it.
Kitty reading the Bible, watercolor, A4
 Light rays, watercolor 2010, A4
 Nina was with me for this painting trip and made her own version of the scene. My favorite part of this is the way I painted the light rays in the sky, but I also enjoy all the detail in the field. Still no John Linnel though...
 Grand Palais, 2010

 The first time we went to the Grand Palais in 1985, it was loaded with paintings we didn't like, so this time we stayed on the outside.
 Notre Dame Cathedral, 2010

 I wanted to paint the entire building, but was sitting too close to manage it, so had to satisfy myself with a close-up
 Eiffel Tower, 2010

 I did not expect to paint the Eiffel Tower, but Nina wanted to paint "The Seine" and the tower was right there - what was I supposed to do?
 PA conference, Enclos Rey, 2010

 My first sketch at the conference. I wasn't intending to add color at first, hence the color names written in everywhere, but then I realized I could manage it, so out came my paints
  PA conference, Enclos Rey, 2010

 The nun who came in with her greeting was very nice. Her address was in French, and that is what the two men on the left are commenting on.
  PA conference, Enclos Rey, 2010

 Dr. Reyes gave a presentation on some interesting medium experiments. I liked it enough that I noted his email address, but I wish I hadn't spelled out his accent - it was quite strong and I had to listen carefully to understand it.
  PA conference, Enclos Rey, 2010

 I didn't catch the name of this man, but I like the sketch. The color here is too saturated and not saturated enough at the same time. There are details in the pale colors that are totally missing from the scan (and others from the group.)
  PA conference, Enclos Rey, 2010

 David Smith from the University of Edinburgh. He said something about a hardware malfunction in his experiment, but as one of the other attendees pointed out, it didn't seem to affect the study at all. Smith seemed to agree, but was cautious, clearly wanting to know for sure one way or the other
  PA conference, Enclos Rey, 2010

 Cameraman, during Russell Targ's end of day address. Targ was quite interesting to listen to, and thanks to the movie Men who stare at goats, I kept thinking "This is the guy who started that program!" I was also thinking "...and they got everything wrong!" (in the movie)
 Waiting for the Tour to pass - Tuilleries, 2010

 After watching the riders start in Rotterdam, then go by on the last stage in Paris, we had to wait an hour to get out of the park, most of which was closed off because of the race. While waiting, I made a painting of Nina. At this point, Paris had us all exhausted.
 Another rainy field
 It was pouring rain when I made this, so Nina kindly held a broken umbrella over my head while I painted. Even so, I had to stop before I was done - there was just too much rain.
 Pubs, 2010
 I got the most incredibly painful sunburn on my right leg while painting this. It hurt so much that I could barely put any weight on it afterward. Even now, almost two months later, it still hasn't completely faded. Nina wants to do it again!
 Overpass, 2010
 I like this one a lot, except for the sky. It was hotter than I realized. so I didn't use enough water to prevent the strokes in the sky from drying too fast.
 Flooded field, 2010
 Nina and I just about froze from going out and painting today. On the way home, my hands were all but locked to the handlebars of my bicycle, brr!
 Suzhou water tower, from a famous garden, 2000
 Painted this while our guides went elsewhere, then I couldn't find them afterward. For some reason none of my paintings in China came out, but all of the drawings did
  Yet another industrial object in Suzhou, this time a radio mast.
 Suzhou dawn, from the hotel 2000
 The only time of day you could see the sky. At other times, it was obscured by thick smog or clouds.
 Death Valley, just before forgetting where I parked.
 Momentarily worried here, because I'd had all my water two hours before, then realized all the dunes looked alike. Where did I park?
 Death Valley sunrise
 I loved how this brilliant sunrise, a blistering hot one, accentuated all the colors in the rock
 Death Valley sunrise 2
 Death Valley sunrise 3, 40" x 60"
 Dessicated branch, Death Valley
 Boulders, Death Valley
 Big Pine snow, 4:30 AM

14" x 18"
 Nina was on alert to wake me in time to make this painting. I'm still amazed I was able to do it with the low level of light available outside

14" x 18"
 Nina got me to make this one also. It is called "Gumdrop Mountain" for her.
 Bristlecone, White Mountains 2001
14" x 18"
 Nina went with me on this trip also, but she was restless, barely patient enough to last this painting. To be fair, it was a very high elevation and we were carrying a lot of equipment.
 Sequoia National Forest, resting with an injured knee

14" x 18"
 Went hiking to "the summit" with Richard, except he actually went there, while I had to stop here because of severe pain in my knee
 Lake Tahoe, aborted due to rain

35" x 46"
 I caught a thunderbolt in the acrylic version of this. If not for that and the rain, this would have much richer colors
 On the way home from Tahoe

35" x 46"
 There was a huge fire in the distance, but too far to be able to appreciate it from here
 Forest fire, Sequoia National Forest

12" x 18"
 I parked at a gas station to paint this and then thought, "I'll get closer" (bad idea)
 Forest fire, Sequoia National Forest

10" x 14"
 It was hard to paint this because of the suffocating smoke I was breathing, the cinders in my eyes, and the pounding headache. The colors should be much deeper and darker, but I had to go after 15 minutes
 Mt. Baldy

20" x 30"
 Only 40 minutes from LA, a 10,000 foot peak covered with snow. What a surprise to discover this place!
 Dutch field

10" x 14"
 Holland is beautiful, but very hard to paint because everything is so flat. On top of that, on my early visits to the Dutch countryside, I got a cold every time I painted anything. This put me off this subject for quite a while

10" x 14"
 A very windy day and yep, I was sick for six weeks after making these two Dutch landscapes. I never got sick anywhere else no matter what the weather.
 Cathedral, Holland

10" 14"
 This scan is much paler than the original. It is a pity because the rich blue in the sky looks much nicer than here.
 Rooftops 2006
 This was tough to paint because of all the twigs and leaves I had to paint around. I used to just paint the sky and then let my strokes overlap it, but here I decided to start leaving white space for other things - what a pain, but it keeps the colors clean


12" x 16"
 I made two paintings of this bike. One is gone, so this is my only reminder in watercolor of this bike - which I traded a few years ago.
 Square forest