Journal drawings

My journals are heavily illustrated. At first, the drawings were little more than schematics, but as my drawing skills improved (and the lighting in my bedroom), the drawings started becoming interesting on their own. This page has a few examples from the more than 1,000 pages of drawings I have made over the years. Later, I will add more. For now, please enjoy these samples. They are not totally random, but they aren't chosen for any consistent reason either, making them a fair representation of the types of drawings present in the later journals.
 This is from a very old dream. I had it on May 12, 1990. In the dream I was told that when a dream repeats, it is significant, and then this dream repeated. To this day I can't make it out, but it was a powerful dream regardless. In it, a man tells me he wants me to come with him so he can show me something. He brings me to this coral reef, newly emerged in the Meditteranean. Embedded in it were painted sculptures like glazed porcelain, fossilized boats and human remains, and bits of broken architecture. I tried to leave the dream, but the man came and got me to bring me back and show it all to me again.
 August 17, 2011:

I didn't quite catch the rocky texture of this little dried out Pokemon I dreamed of last night, but it is a fair approximation. After giving him some water, he turned into a massive mech Pokemon and battled over the skies of Tokyo. An awesome dream, and not one I expect to see any time soon.

 June 13, 2006:

A long pond outside a huge cathedral. Inside, enormous thrones line the walls. At the end of the hall, an old man discusses Biblical times. Jesus is returning and we must be prepared, he says.

The man shows us how seeds were kept in small pouches on journeys. To keep from spilling, they sewed them shut with a thorn.

On my way out (after not making a seed bag as requested by the old man), I run into 10 maidens carrying unlit lamps.
 From May 18, 2005:

"Time is short for at the hour of revelation all will know and none will be spared..."

"...if you are wise, repent now and never do evil again."
 From June 29, 2010:

"It is better to live a blameless life than to wish for, and get, a comfortable one."
 From April 29, 2004: 

I find the book of creation. Its words overflow its pages, becoming all the things of creation. From the smallest to the largest, with history and the future, nothing is left out. Even individual blades of grass are detailed as individuals.

The biggest dream? Close...
 From February 5, 2006:

I am shown a challenge we must all pass and then an angel tells me that these dreams are messages made for me in this other place.

The giant Syrian lion waits in the night

A prophecy about New York
 September 26, 2004;
Spirit guides direct me into an enormous structure. Inside it is lit by entire galaxies and populated by massive world-sized mansions. Inside of each, more mansions, and more. These continued in every direction as far as I could see until I reached the top of the stairs. Then they stopped and I saw just one humble room above it all.
 September 26, 2004: At the top of the stairs, about to enter the study belonging to the master of this place and author of everything.
 God appears to me. To his left, a window on his creation. He says he has a gift for me.

 He speaks into his creation, his words making the gift as they interact with matter. It is a beautiful bolt of cloth.
  He tells me to cover my face with the cloth, then to look into a mirror. I can see through the cloth. My face is shining through the fabric.
 God stands near, whispering something to me, but I don't remember what he said.
 June 21, 2005

God appears in a dream; I have been brought to a holy place, where I hear some things God has to say about the rediscovery of a holy city and his return to earth.

Colored pencil
 May 18, 2005

The most dramatic dream ever. Millions of angels whisper a message to the world. Some will listen, some will not


God creates some insects

Colored pencil 

Levitating in the wild
 Space craft at night
 A tragic tale of Korea. The history of the conflict is shown, and a man from North Korea who has been made prisoner. A noose around his neck crosses the border to South Korea and loops back. If his guards pull it, dragging him to South Korea, he will hang before he reaches his goal.
 August 3, 2010; colored pencils
This dream was quite odd. It had me catching a train to Guatemala as a mission of some kind.
  August 3, 2010
  August 3, 2010
 This quick watercolor is based on a dream I had in 1989. The sketch here was made in 2010 after being asked what this part of a certain dream looked like. I like the result, so I am considering making some more sketches of scenes from other old dreams if they are interesting enough.
 The only problem with using colored pencils in my journal, is that details of the dream can slip away while I'm making the drawing. In the future, I may fill in the color after writing the rest of the dream, unlike what I did here.
 My first colored pencil drawing for my dream book, and it's a yellow dragon! A very unusual subject for one of my dreams. Only on one other occasion did I dream of a dragon, and it was over fifteen years ago. Later on the same day of the dream, one of the headline photos on was a photo of a yellow dragon being used in Chinese lunar new year parades.
 What it's like to be forcefully pushed out of one's body and bed while sleeping - without waking up.

 Two ancient servo spiritii have held back the Chinese ocean since ancient times, but one of them will be leaving soon, leaving his section of coastline unprotected.
 A place that sleepers go while their bodies sleep.
 The entire universe, within a man. I am invited to view it, but refuse.
 Jesus and God working on something interesting. I want to follow them, but cannot get through this a kind of force field in the middle of this hole in a wall. It is so hot that I cannot bear to get close to it. I can see inside, but don't understand what they are doing.
 A devastated landscape is contaminated.
 A crucifix over a bed in Russia bursts into a flame that does not consume anything. What could it mean?
 This may be a junk dream, but I have always liked the drawing of the diver on the bottom.
 Another probable junk dream, but I like this drawing also, of an iceberg and a shark
 An original view of Stonehenge. My guess is that it looks different in real life.
 Learning how to levitate, with the help of two servo spiritii.
 The Kingmaker enters my room.
 A church full of orphans sing God's praises (despite the poverty of their circumstances?)
 One of a pair of crates containing giant winged angels.
 A giant Syrian lion in the desert, lit by moonlight. He is a symbol of something ominous.
 A simple dream of a man and his parasail. I like the drawing, or it wouldn't be here.
 Jesus and his disciples discuss an ancient text that is not a part of the Bible, but contains similar concepts. They will enter the orchard, take some fruit, and leave the rest behind. Then they will go into the walled city, take some people, and leave the rest behind. These things and the text he refers to are all the same.
 Nina and I witness the after effects of a volcanic eruption.
 This was recorded a few months before Katrina hit New Orleans.
 G-d gives me a gift. It is a cloth. He asks me to wrap it around my head.
 At first I cannot see through it because it is made of a heavy material, but then he commands me to look at myself in the mirror before me and I can see through the cloth. My face is shining and looks younger.
 Probably a junk dream, but I like the drawing. It is of an art dealer's shop.
 The book, from my "Book" dream. This drawing pales in comparison to what I remember of this. One of these days, I may make a CG render of it, but am afraid I couldn't possibly do it justice.
 The train from my "parcel" dream. I did make a CG render of this, and it looks a lot better than this drawing.
 I plant my hand right on this guy's face and heal him of something. There are quite a few dreams like this. In every one of them, I see a clear green light moving through my hand and into the other person, usually at the wounded or affected site.
 This is an early entry from the first dream book, just to prove that having a night light makes a huge difference when trying to write down a dream. Being awake helps a lot also. When you don't have a light and are barely cognizant of your surroundings, this is what you get. Amazingly, I was able to verify part of this mess. Read the margin to see how.
 This dream had one element that I was able to verify on the same day (see margin entry). I like it because I think it is a nice composition, even if it is a composition made by someone else (again, see margin.)