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Student of the Month

Students of the month are drawn from tickets that can be earned every day for doing exceptional things throughout the school day.  Each month the tickets are trashed after the drawing and new ones have to be earned in order to win the next month.  Both winners get a shirt and the high school student that wins gets one week extra lunch time with a friend.   A student may only win once per school year but can win other prizes if drawn more than one time.  This year we count the total tickets each student receives and there are two grand prizes at the end of the year for the total ticket winners.

Student of the Month 2017-2018


Kaisley Phipps 1st grade, daughter of Brett and Jordyn Phipps

Jeffery Licking 11th grade, son of Tim and Shanda Licking


Jacob Walker: 4th grade, son of Tony and Mary Jo Walker

Kylie Licking: 9th grade, daughter of Roger and Sue Licking


Corynn Corbin: 6th grade, daughter of Tony and Virgina Corbin

Tel Kvanvig: 7th grade, son of Mike and Arla Kvanvig


Gunner Brown: Kindergarten, son of Matt and Carolee Brown

Jared Finney: 10th grade, son of Scott Finney and Lori Finney


Jenna Donohoe: 2nd Grade, daughter of Eric and Shauna Donohoe

Grace Vinton: 12th grade, daughter of Paul and Stacey Vinton


Brandon Hardin: 3rd Grade, son of Shelby and Sarah Hardin

Jayden Chasek: 10th grade, daughter of Amy Chasek

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Student of the Month 2016-2017


Andrew Byrd, 1st grade, son of Jake and Randi Byrd.

Brooke McCully, 8th grade, daughter of Brad and Traci McCully



Brady Gracey: 10th Grade, son of Tyler and Nikki Gracey.

Gabriel (Deacon) DeNaeyer: Son of Martin and Bree DeNaeyer.

Student of the Month 2015-2016


Belinda Forseen, Junior Daughter of Darrel and Julie Forseen

Gabriel (Deacon) DeNaeyer 5th, son of Martin and Bree DeNaeyer



Jarren Forsen 3rd grade, son of Jeff and Kris Forsen Erica Peters Junior, daughter of Todd and Jennifer Peters


Harper Andersen 1st, daughter Tim and Megan Andersen
Brendon Walker 7th, son of Toni and Mary Jo Walker


Kalli Licking 1st, daughter of Rodger and Sue Licking
Brittney Emerson 10th, daughter of Thad and June Emerson


Benjamin Werner  kindergartener, son of Cameron and Dominique Werner
Brooke McCully 7th, daughter of Brad and Traci McCully

Student of the Month (2014-2015)

February Students of the Month

3rd Grade Jadyn Andersen, daughter of Tim and Megan Andersen

9th Grade Kayden Licking, son of Roger and Sue licking

Students of the month for January.

 6th Grade -Samantha Moore Daughter of Rusty and Jennifer Moore
7th Grade - Tevin Marshall Son of Jason and Mandy Marshall.

Students of the Month for December are 4th Grade, Jeffery Forsen,  Son of Jeff and Kris Forsen  and 8th Grade Josh Cox, son of Donnie and Deb Cox.

The November Students of the Month are Mallory Baum, senior daughter of Mike and Anna Baum, and Riley Odin, 1st grader son of Nevada and Maura Odin. 

The October Students of the Month are Grace Vinton, the daughter of Paul and Stacy Vinton, and Jacob Walker, the son of Tony and Mary Jo Walker.

September Students of the Month are Emily Kramer, the daughter of Bruce and Judie Kramer, and Jason Kraus, son of Tyler and Melinda Kraus.

Created by Jessica Starr


May Students of the Month are Jeffrey Licking and Jaylon Forsen.

April Students of The Month were Brodie Baum and Keragan Welch.

March Student of The Month were Morgan Hassett and Haley Jones.

   February Students of The Month were Ted Reiser and Corynn Corbin.


January Students of The Month were Hannah Miller and Justin French.   


December Students of The Month were Kortney Daniels and Hannah Marshall. 

   November Students of The Month were Breonna Licking and Gracie Hoyt.  


 October Students of The Month were Madisyn Corbin and Clayton Moore.   


August/September Students of The Month were Haley Gracey and Luke Durfee.

Created by: Kelsey Phillips