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2016-2017 Events:
February 18- MNAC Speech @ Ogallala 
March 4- District Speech @ North Platte
March 24- State Speech 

Created and Maintained by: Courtney Rice

2015-2016 Events:
February 29 MNAC Speech @ Stapleton
March 16 District Speech @ Potter-Dix
March 24 State Speech @ Kearney

Created and maintained by Brittney Emerson

2014-2015 Events:
March 2 MNAC Speech @ Mullen
March 16 District Speech 
March 27 State D2 Speech

Speech Team 2015:
Emily Boyer-  Persuasive & OID
Jaci Edis- OID
Katie Coble- OID & Poetry 
Kelsey Phillips- OID
Ally Ginkens- OID
Haley Gracey- OID
Liddy Vinton- Duet Acting & Extemporaneous 
Addy VInton- Duet Acting
Brodie Baum- Informative 
Darren Liebhart- Extemporaneous 
Emmett Storer- Duet Acting 
Daniel Young- Duet Acting
Emily Vinton- OID

Created & Maintained: 

Speech Team 2014:
Michaela Chasek- OID & Entertainment
Bailey McMillin- Duet Acting & Humorous Prose
Hunter Spurlin- Duet Acting
Bethany Vinton- Duet Acting & OID
Stevie Waln- OID
Haley Gracey- OID
Hannah Miller- OID
Jessica Lovitt- OID
Adam Starr- OID
Shayna Kramer- Poetry 
Emily Vinton- OID
Ally Ginkens- Duet Acting
Jaci Edis- OID
Katie Coble- Poetry
Kelsey Phillips- Persuasive
Emmet Storer- Humorous Prose
Emily Boyer- Persuasive
Brodie Baum- Informative
Addy Vinton- Informative
Liddy Vinton- Extemp. & Serious Prose
Jessica Starr- Entertainment 
Darren Leibhart- Extemp.
Daniel Young- OID

LVC @ Taylor- March 3
Michaela Chasek- 3rd Place- Entertainment
Katie Coble- 6th Place- Poetry
Brodie Baum- 5th Place- Informative
Emily Boyer- 6th Place- Persuasive
Darren Leibhart- 6th Place- Extemp.
Addy Vinton- 2nd Place- Informative
Liddy Vinton- 4th Place- Extemp.
SHC @ Brady- March 11
Darren Leibhart- 1st Place- Extemp.
Liddy Vinton- 4th Place- Extemp.
Shayna Kramer- 6th Place- Poetry
Katie Coble- 2nd Place- Poetry
Michaela Chasek- 4th Place- Entertainment
Jessica Starr- 3rd Place- Entertainment
Brodie Baum- 3rd Place- Informative
Addy Vinton- 2nd Place- Informative
Liddy Vinton- 6th Place- Serious Prose

Districts @ Hyannis- March 18
Jessica Starr- 4th Place- Entertainment
Liddy Vinton- 5th Place- Serious Prose
Ally Ginkens & Bethany Vinton- 6th Place- Duet Acting
Michaela Chasek, Haley Gracey, Hannah Miller, Bethany Vinton, Stevie Waln- 6th Place- OID
~State Qualifiers~
Michaela Chasek- 1st Place- Entertainment
Addy Vinton- 2nd Place- Informative
Liddy Vinton- 1st Place- Extemp.
Darren Leibhart- 2nd Place- Exempt.
Katie Coble- 1st Place- Poetry
TEAM PLACING: District Runner Up 

State Meet @ Kearney- March 28

Created and Maintained by: Jaci Edis