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One Act

State Qualifiers for D1!
2016 One-Act Cast
Jane Eyre: Life at Lowood

Jane Eyre Brittney Emerson 
 Young Jane EyreEmily Boyer 
 Mrs. ReedHaley Jones 
 John ReedTy Kvanvig
 Eliza Reed, Miss Scatcherd Jadyn Chasek 
Georgiana Reed, Miss TempleCarlee Chasek 
 Bessie Lee Jesse Coble
 Helen Burns, Miss Abbot Grace Vinton
 Mr. Brocklehurst Darren Leibhart  
 Mrs. BrocklehurstCourtney Rice 
 Augusta BrocklehurstMorgan Rice 
 Mr. Brocklehurst's GhostSilas Monette 
 Mrs. Fairfax Lexi Rice
Miss Miller Madison Jones 
Stage Crew: Kaitlyn Crowe, Josh Cox, Kaylee Folk, & Jared Finney

Created and maintained: Courtney Rice
Director: Amber Zimmerman
Helpers: Trisha Hendricks, CeCe Coons

We did not go to districts on account of a snow day. :( 

2015 One-Act Cast
Soapy Smith's Winter Wish



Old Timer

Jaci Edis


Jesse Coble


Grace Vinton

Soapy Smith

Emily Boyer

Mrs. Soames

Skyelar Daly


Haley Jones


Katie Coble


Alysen Daniels


Traci Cooley

Woman on the Bench

Brittney Emerson

Gimpy Peg

Ally Ginkens

Hobbs & Urchin

Daniel Young

 Stage Crew:
 Kortney Daniels, Morgan Rice, Courtney Rice


Maintained by: Grace Vinton
2014 One-Act Cast
Tim: Britt McIntosh
Andy: Daniel Young
Dallas: Liddy Vinton
Candy: Emily Boyer
Kaine: Katie Coble
Teen Ensemble: Jaci Edis, Addy Vinton, Ally Ginkens, Jessica Starr, Skyelar Daly, and Gracey Carlin
Stage Crew: Carlee Chasek, Jesse Coble, Traci Cooley, Emmet Storer , and Grace Vinton
Created and Maintained by: Joe Vinton

Maniac Manor
By Don S. Lowry

Alex:                          Katie Coble
Tabby:                       Addy Vinton
Gabby:                       Haley Gracey
Egor:                          Daniel Young
Mrs. Buffington:        Jaci Edis
Emily:                        Liddy Vinton
Camille:                    Ally Ginkens
Jerome:                    Britt McIntosh
Selena:                     Sidney Carr
Basil:                        Garrett Cox
Hilda:                        Hannah Miller
Gertie:                       Michaela Chasek
Mark:                        Adam Starr

Coach: Amber Zimmerman
Assistant Coach: Nita Zimmerman
Stage Crew: Bethany Vinton, Joe Vinton, Skyelar Daly