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UPDATE: The spring concert will be on Thursday, May 3rd at 6:00 P.M. 

Band Members:

Lauren Balcom
Izabella Brown
Cephas Monette
Brendon Walker

Michelle Brown
Jordyn McDowell
Hailey Phipps

Alto Saxophone
Whitney Jennings

Kyle Durfee
Jaden Emerson
Clayton Moore
Samantha Moore

Alex Moore

Deacon DeNaeyer
Hannah Phipps

Spencer DeNaeyer
Eli Paxton

High School Choir Members

Hanna Marshall

Tara Musser

Check out Ms. Walls' website! 

  MNAC Results @ Alliance
       Rated I-V (I being a superior)
Belinda (voice)-- I
Hannah (voice)-- I
Belinda (flute)-- II
Belinda/Brendon (flute duet)--II
Belinda/Hailey (flute/clarinet duet)-- II
Belinda/Hannah (voice duet)--I
Carrie (trombone)-- I
Belinda/Carrie/Hailey (flute/clarinet/trombone trio)--II
Band-- I
  MNAC Results @ Hyannis
        Rated I-V (I being a superior)
 Belinda/Hannah (voice)-- I
 Hannah (voice)-- I
 Belinda (Voice)-- I
 Carrie (trombone)--I
 Belinda (flute)--I
 Belinda/Brendon (flute duet)--I
 Belinda/Hailey (flute & clarinet duet)--II
 Band-- hadn't been posted when we left                                                             

Band Dates
 September 23rd Football game
 October 14th Football game vs. Paxton
 October 20th Football game vs. Leyton 
 November 11thVeteran's Day Program
 December 15th Christmas concert
 December 16th Basketball game
 January 19th Basketball game
 February 2nd Basketball game
 February 3rdBasketball game 
 February 6th Clinic 
 February 17th Basketball game
 March 28th MNAC
 May 11th Spring concert

Choir Dates
 October 24th Clinic in Arthur
Leave time: 6:00 am
November 11th Veteran's Day Program 
 December 15th Christmas concert
k-6 start at 6
hs start around 7

 May 11th Spring concert

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2016-17 Choir
10th Grade
Hannah Phipps- Alto

12th Grade
Belinda Forseen- Soprano

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2016-17 high school band

7th Grade:
Terry Cash- Percussion

 Spencer DeNaeyer-  Percussion
 Kyle Durfee- Trumpet
Jaden Emerson- Trumpet
Jordyn McDowell- Clarinet
Cephas Monette- Trumpet
 Hailey Phipps- Clarinet
8th Grade:
Michelle Brown- Clarinet
 Brendon Walker- Flute
Lindey Coble- Alto Saxophone
 Hayden Jennings- Alto Saxophone
Samantha Moore--  Trumpet
Josey French- Percussion
 Ethan Corbin- Percussion

9th Grade:
Carrie Forseen- Trombone

12th Grade:
Belinda Forseen- Flute/Piccolo 
Created and maintained by Hannah Phipps

The 2015-16 Mullen high school band consists of 10 people.

Band members:

7th grade-
  • Lindy Coble-Saxophone
  • Josey French-Drummer
  • Brendan Walker- Flute
8th grade-
  • Jadyen Chasek-Trumpet
  • Carrie Forseen-Trombone
  • Maddie Jones-Saxophone
  • Molly Paxton- Flute/Trumpet
9th grade-
  •  Hannah Phipps- Baritone/Trumpet
10th grade-
  • Genevieve Garner- Clarinet
11th grade-
  • Belinda Forseen-Flute/Piccolo

The 2015-16 Mullen high school choir consist of 5 people

Choir members:

8th grade-
  • Carrie Forseen

10th grade-
  • Carlee Chasek
11th grade-
  • Kortney Daniels
12th grade-
  • Brea Daly
  • Emily Musser

Created and maintained by Genevieve Garner 

 The High School choir consists of 2 students. Haley Gracey and Belinda Forseen. We are having a new ninth hour choir with Emily Boyer.

The choir went to Tryon for a mass choir clinic on Oct 27th.

We will have a district music competition in Chadron on April 22nd which includes the high school choir, and the band.
The Mullen Music Program also had conference competition in Merna on March 23rd. We had a great time and everyone did a great job.

The Music Program is on May 14th.

Scoring is from 1 to 5 with 1 being superior.

Districts @ Chadron College 
High School Choir-
    Haley Gracey-1
    Emily Boyer-2
    Belinda Forseen-1
    Haley and Belinda's Duet-2

High school Band-
Brandon Johnson- 2
Belinda Forseen- 1
Gen Garner- 2
Flute: Aly Daniels & Belinda Forseen- 2
        Trumpet: Brandon Peters & Koby Walker- 2
        Trombone and Trumpet: Carrie Forseen & Hannah Phipps- 4
       Trombone and Flute: Carrie Forseen & Belinda Forseen- 3
Flute and Clarinet: Belinda Forseen & Gen Garner-2
Baritone and Baritone: Hannah Phipps & Courtney Rice- 3
Percussion Duet: Ethan Corbin & Dante Odin-3
           Flute, Trombone and Clarinet: Belinda Forseen, Carrie Forseen, Gen Garner- 3
Flute, Flute and Trumpet: Aly Daniels, Haley Jones, & Kaitlyn Crowe- 3
               Flute, Trombone, Clarinet, and Trumpet: Belinda Forseen, Carrie Forseen, Gen Garner, & Hannah Phipps-  3
                Flute, Alto Sax,Trumpet and Trumpet: Molly Paxton, Madison Jones, Jadyn Chasek, & Ty Kvanvig-  3

Conference Competition
High School Choir-
    Haley Gracey- 1
    Emily Boyer- 2
    Belinda Forseen-1
    Haley and Belinda's Duet-1

High School Band-
Brandon Johnson- 2
Belinda Forseen- 1
Gen Garner- 2
Flute: Aly Daniels & Belinda Forseen- 2
        Trumpet: Brandon Peters & Koby Walker- 1
        Trombone and Trumpet: Carrie Forseen & Hannah Phipps- 2
        Trombone and Flute: Carrie Forseen & Belinda Forseen- 2
Flute and Clarinet: Belinda Forseen & Gen Garner-1
Baritone and Baritone: Hannah Phipps & Courtney Rice- 2
           Flute, Trombone and Clarinet: Belinda Forseen, Carrie Forseen, Gen Garner- 2
Flute, Flute and Trumpet: Aly Daniels, Haley Jones, & Kaitlyn Crowe- 2
                Flute, Trombone, Clarinet, and Trumpet: Belinda Forseen, Carrie Forseen, Gen Garner, & Hannah Phipps-  1
                Flute, Alto Sax,Trumpet and Trumpet: Molly Paxton, Madison Jones, Jadyn Chasek, & Ty Kvanvig-  3

The High School Band consists of 17  students. 
They are:
Brandon Johnson- 12th gr.=Tenor Saxophone

Belinda Forseen-10th gr.=Flute/Piccolo 

Genevieve Garner-9th gr.=Clarinet

Kaitlyn Crowe- 8th gr.=Trumpet
Alysen Daniels- 8th gr.=Flute
Haley Jones- 8th gr.=Flute
Dante Odin-8th gr.=Percussion
Brandon Peters- 8th gr.=Trumpet
Hannah Phipps- 8th gr.=Trumpet
Courtney Rice- 8th gr.=Baritone 
Koby Walker- 8th gr.=Trumpet

Jadyn Chasek-7th gr.=Trumpet
Ethan Corbin-7th gr.=Percussion
Carrie Forseen-7th gr.=Trombone
Madison Jones-7th gr.=Alto Saxophone
Ty Kvanvig-7th gr.=Trumpet
Molly Paxton-7th gr.=Flute 


              Junior High Choir-
Brady Gracey
Clayton Hassett
Kendal Neal
Max Svodoba
Josh Cox
Teven Marshall
Ethan Corbin
Dante Odin
Colton Hendrix
Ty Durfee
Jade Lovitt
Riley Kessler
Justin Wiens
Lane Edis
Jeffery Licking
Koby Walker
Ty Kvanvig
Tommy Kramer

Madison Jones
Courtney Rice
Molly Paxton
Jayden Chasek
Carrie Forseen
Aubrey Frye
Alysen Daniels
Kaitlyn Crowe
Hannah Phipps
Haley Jones
Gracie Hoyt
Lexi Rice
Tara Musser 

Good Luck Band and Choir!!

Created and Maintained by: Belinda Forseen