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Art Club

Luke Christian
Jesse Coble 


Lexi Rice
Molly Paxton
Jadyn Chasek
Jared Finney


Created and maintained by Jared Finney

LVC Conferences Results:
High School
Brooklyn Licking: 1st-Pencil Drawing; Lion
2nd-Printmaking; Roar
HM- Black, and White; Brooklyn's Tangle
Jessica Lovitt: 1st-Pottery-Wheel; Aztec
4th-Pottery-Hand Built; Redneck Roadhouse
Rebekah Daniels: 2nd- 3-D Projects; Telephone,
2nd-Watercolor; Horton
4th- Black and white; Marti
4th- Textiles; Gone Fishin'
Jessica Starr: 2nd-Pencil Drawing; John Wayne
4th-Acrylic/Oil; Under the Sea
Emily Kramer: 5th-Acrylic; Surfer
HM-Pencil; The plains
5th-3-D Projects; Pencil
*Michaela Chasek: HM-Abe
Shayna Kramer: HM-Acrylic; The Battle
HM-Pencil; Avril
Liddy Vinton: HM-Acrylic; The King
*Addy Vinton: HM-Acrylic; Stripes
5th- Zang Face
Morgan Rice: HM- Acrylic; Mountain Lion 
*Lance Moore: HM-Jordan
*Erica Peters: HM-Whack-a-mole
HM-Pencil; Taylor
Kortney Daniels: HM-Acrylic; Owl
*Madi Daly: HM-Water Color; Alligator
HM-Pencil; Zac Efron
1st-3-D Projects; Cell Phone
*Traci Cooley: HM-Water Color; Fishy
HM-Pencil; Hear Me Roar
Best Of Show-Running Free
*Emily Vinton: 1st-Pencil; Bath Time
Britt McIntosh: HM-Pencil; Maxed Out
Ted Reiser: HM- Pencil; Archer
*Sidney Carr: 5th-Stained Glass
John Opela: 
Rebekah Mallory:
Dalton Zimmerman:
Michael Stichka:
Mallory Baum:
Jaci Edis:
Tye Spies:
Peyton Call:
Ally Ginkens:
Adam Starr:
Ysabela Garcia:

Jr. High
Joshua Cox:
Kaitlyn Crowe:
Alysen Daniels
Ty Durfee:
Lane Edis
Aubrey Frye:
Brady Gracey:
Colton Hendrix
Haley Jones:
Thomas Kramer:
Jeffrey Licking
Jade Lovitt:
Tara Musser:
Brandon Peters:
Hannah Phipps:
Koby Walker:
Justin Wiens:
Courtney Rice:
Carlee Chasek:
Jesse Coble:
Brandon Cooley:
Brandon Emerson:
Genevieve Garner:
Dylan Hathorn:
Samuel Hilderhoff:
Kayden Licking:
Tell Spies:
Matthew Stichka:
Grace Vinton:


Brooklyn Licking: 
Jessica Lovitt:
Rebekah Daniels:
Jessica Starr:
Emily Kramer:
Micheala Chasek:
Shayna Kramer:
Liddy Vinton:
Addy Vinton:
Morgan Rice:
Lance Moore:
Erica Peters;
Kortney Daniels:
Madilyn Daly:
Traci Cooley:
Emily Vinton:
Britt McIntosh:
Ted Reiser:
Sidney Carr: 
John Opela:
Rebekah Mallory:
Dalton Zimmerman:
Micheal Stichka:
Mallory Baum:
Jaci Edis:
Tye Spies:
Peyton Call:
Ally Ginkens:
Adam Starr:
Ysabela Garcia:

 Joshua Cox:
Kaitlyn Crowe:
Alysen Daniels:
Ty Durfee:
Lane Edis:
Aubrey Frye:

Art Show, Mullen invite, Sandhills Conference:
Show Date: Thursday April 10, 2014
Hang Artwork: 8:00-10:30 a.m.
Judging: 10:30-2:00
Student Project: 10:30-2:00
Open to the Public: 2:00-4:00
Awards presented for People's choice and student project contest/ Removal of artwork: 4:00 p.m.

Art Club Soup Supper/Talent Show
May 5 at 4:30-7:00
7:00 Honor's Night

Art Club Trip
May 9-10
Rapid City, South Dakota

Art Club Students

Back Row Left to Right: Joe Vinton, Jessica Lovitt, Peyton Call, Sam Vinton, Britt McIntosh, Hunter Spurlin, Tye Spies, Emmet Storer, Garrett Cox, Lance Moore, Gideon Monette, Daniel Young, Adam Starr
Third Row: Ally Ginkens, Emily Kramer, Hannah Miller, Sidney Carr, Mallory Baum, Jaci Edis, Traci Cooley, Michaela Chasek, Liddy Vinton, Ysabela Gracia, Michael Stichka
Second Row: Allison Kramer, Jessica Starr, Breonna Licking, Madi Daly, Katie Coble, Emily Vinton, Emily Durfee, Erica Peters, Kortney Daniels, Addy Vinton
Front Row: Stevie Waln, Brooklyn Licking, Haley Gracey, Rebekah Mallory, Morgan Rice, Brodie Baum, Brittney McCully, Kaylee Folk
Created By: Madi Daly
Maintained by: Ysabela Garcia