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Turner Youth

Turner offers growth and enrichment opportunities for Mullen area youth. Our objective is to provide the youth of our community opportunities for personal development and preparation for adult life. There are four project areas: Leadership Development, Career Development, Cultural Enrichment, Math/Science, and Ecology Enrichment. 

2015-16 Turner 

Career: Carlee Chasek, Jesse Coble, Katie Coble, Jaci Edis, Ally Ginkens, Kelsey Phillips

Math/Science: Brodie Baum, Addy Vinton, Grace Vinton



Executive: Emily Boyer, Katie Coble, Jaci Edis, Ally Ginkens,Kelsey Phillips, Addy Vinton

Turner Members:
Back left to right: Britt Mcintosh, Daniel Young, Adam Starr, Ally Ginkens, Jessica Starr
Middle: Haley Gracey, Liddy Vinton, Jaci Edis, Rebekah Mallory, Bethany Vinton, Ysabela Garcia, Emily Durfee
Front: Katie Coble, Jesse Coble, Brodie Baum, Morgan Rice,  Addy Vinton (Not pictured: Kelsey Phillips, Skyelar Daly)

Math & Science Members:

Jesse Coble, Addy Vinton, Brodie Baum, Morgan Rice, Liddy Vinton, Jessica Starr

Career Members:

Katie Coble, Ally Ginkens, Britt McIntosh, Jaci Edis, Emily Durfee. (Not Pictured: Kelsey Phillips, Jessica Starr, Ysabela Garcia, Skyelar Daly)

Cultural Members:

Michael Stichka, Haley Gracey, Bethany Vinton, Adam Starr. (Not Pictured: John Opela, Ysabela Garcia)

Executive Members:

Katie Coble, Rebekah Mallory, Ally Ginkens, Jaci Edis, Emily Durfee. (Not Pictured: Kelsey Phillips, Ysablea Garcia, Traci Cooley)

Created by: Kelsey Phillips