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Leadership Executive Board Election Information

posted Apr 10, 2015, 1:33 PM by Alan Kinoshita   [ updated May 8, 2017, 11:11 AM ]
Running for Election (Listed in order of time registered):

Joven Agtang Recording Secretary

Trenton Mastuda President

Google Docs Video

Cody Cacatian President

Google Docs Video

Giovanni Varano President


Christine Masaoy President

Google Docs Video

For next year, I will be having all interested students run for the executive positions. Each candidate will need to submit a 1 minute campaign video via google drive to Mr. Kinoshita by May 8. Video's will be posted on the website for all to view. Candidates may post campaign posters in the band room. Elections will be held on May 17 & 18 during the class periods. If you do not have a class you can vote after school. 

Requirements to run for office:
  • Must be enrolled in the Leadership Class!
  • Must be enrolled in concert band and marching band except Guard!
  • Be willing to put this position as their first priority after family and school. This means above sports.
  • Maintain their GPA that will be set by their parents.
  • Have no financial band obligations. 
  • Review what the current board determined was each persons responsibilities. This will later be addressed and amended at the leadership camp but, is a good baseline.
Please note that this year no one will run for vice president. The runner up for President will be the the Vice-President. 
  • President:
    Nathan Agustin

    Vice President: Ciarra Kirby

    Recording Secretary: Lizchel Ugalde

    Corresponding Secretary: Glynnis Brasher

    Ocean Akaka & Hailey Potes
    Communication between leadership and non-leadership students Assists president with workTakes notes during meetingsWrite thank you letters/cards (Candies for football games, boosters)Manages money (Green box) (band bank account)
    Run meetingsAttend booster meetings and report back to board.Record keeping and minutes Communicate with boosters, admin, community, and students.Collects money/order forms
    Make sure committees are on timeChecks on committeesLeadership attendance at meetings.Assist with booster advertisingReimbursements
    Coordinates leadershipTakes over president role (In absence of president)Transfer “written” notes into google docs (Shares w/leadership)Responsible for advertising band-related events to community (ex. concerts)Distributing order items/pass out order forms
    Communicates between directors and leadershipResponsible for ensuring leadership development in band's leadersReport and update budget daily (Leadership budget)
    Responsible for enforcing band standards and holding each member of the leadership to their individual responsibilitiescollaborate with president, to make informed decisions.In charge of petty cash
    Attends booster meetings (Reports back to leadership)
    Assists with cohesiveness of band (trying best to ensure that everyone works well together and help minimize conflict)

Leadership Candidate Registration