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Donations for Leadership Camp

posted May 17, 2017, 2:22 PM by Aladdin Roque-Dangaran
Aloha Parents and Students,

As the school year draws to an end.  I wanted to take this time on behalf of the LHS Band Boosters, to thank each and every one of you for making it a successfully memorable one.  We couldn't have done it without your help.  

We hope you all take the time during the summer to refresh and recharge!  In preparation for the 2017-2018 school year, much is already underway to set the stage for another exciting event filled year for our band program.  To kick everything off, LHS band leadership students will be holding their annual leadership camp, where planning and organizations begins for everything from selecting new officers/committees to the marching band performances.

To help defray the cost of the camp, we are seeking donations from family and community organizations.  The following is a list of items on our wish list.  Please drop off to Aladdin at the band room no later than Friday, May 26th if you are able to help us by donating.

Thank you very much!

Carrie Jyo
LHS Band Booster President

GroceryQuantity Needed
Costco Rolls100
Rice2x 50lb bags
Eggs30 Dozens
Spam18 cans
CerealVariety 3 boxes
Milk 3 Gal
Pog 3 Gal
Vienna Sausage2 boxes of 24
Shoyu1 Gal
Oyster Sauce1 big can
Carrots1 Bag of carrots
Green Onions1
Portuguese Sausage3 Packets of 4
Tuna1 Large Can of Tuna
Box of Chipsenough for 50 people
Peanut butter and jelly1 pack of each
Mayo1 Gal
Bread5 bags of 2
Corn6 Cans
ButterA whole big tub
Toss Salad4 Containers pending
DressingAny kind
Onions1 Bag
Hot Dogs3 Packs
Yaki soba noodles5 packs
Pork Butt20 lbs.