MUHSD NETS for students, based on the National Educational Technology Standards, are required for graduation beginning with the Class of 2015

This website contains modules related to NETS 6: Technology Operations.  Meeting this standard is assessed by a 3-minute typing test. Students must be able to type at least 30 words per minute with an 80% accuracy. For students who need a bit of practice, this site contains resources. The typing test will be conducted under the supervision of a staff member. 

Board adopted May 11, 2011

Students must pass this test under the supervision of a staff member 
in order for results to be recorded in AERIES. 

Practice & Improve Typing Skills

Typing Club is one program students can use to practice typing and take informal assessments.  Students log-in to Typing Club using their MUHSD Google Account.

Peter's Online Typing Courseat the top of every lesson you'll see a diagram of the keyboard that highlights in yellow the keys you will be working on. In subsequent lessons the keys you have already learned will be colored green. It is vital that you will have mastered those keys before moving onto a new lesson.

Typing Games are available online to challenge typing skills and have fun!

Typing Aliens Attack- Learn to type and have fun at the same time. Blast your way through an arcade style shooter game while improving your typing Search Chrome Web Store for this free app.