People who encouraged me :)

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     Dear visitor ,
                         this is Mustafa Adel Elnagar Website. I will put my latest news on it and also will put  my ideas if you want to share me my ideas and you are welcome at  any time.


                    Mustafa Adel. Nothing Impossible around you

Along my life I have met alot of people who change my life and those are some of my best photos of mine ,You can watch them all and more on My photo Gallary.

Eng.Abbas Adel and Prof. Hamada Zahera

Prof .Dr Sang Shine

IEEE Family

Eng.Abdelrahman Asal and khaled moktar

EED 2010 Group

Geertjan Wielenga

Mufix Community

IEEE  Family

Wael Fakhrany


MSP Family

Ahmed Abuelmagd

Anas Emad

John Antonious

Mohamed Sobhy

 Hany Elmeshtawey



Ahmed Shoieb :)

Ibraheem Elgendy

FMohamed Abuetta


And Finally My self :D

All of those people learned me a lot of things and  how  to face this life and be the man Who am I , I cant forget them forever .
Thanks All