Our program maintains a fleet of eight boats: two 8+, two 4+, a 4x/+, a 2x, and two singles.  This allows the program to keep a stable roster of around 35 rowers.  However, boats are not invincible and age with time.  This is further accelerated when the boats are forced to remain out in the open to sun, rain, and wind: maintenance is an ongoing need for our shells.  As these shells age, repairs and replacements are needed.  Unfortunately, our funding does not come close to the cost of replacing any of our boats, which forces us to rely on the generous donations from our supporters.  If you are interested in funding a new boat, different levels of donations will get you the following benefits:

$500 - name on an oar
$1000 - name on a seat
$5000 - name of a 4+
$10,000 - name of an 8+

In order for us to grow, it is important to have facilities that can shelter the boats from the elements.  A boathouse is something this program has been in need of since its inauguration in 1997.  Having a protected area for the boats not only keeps the boats in better condition, but it also would allow the addition of more boats, which would allow our team to support more rowers.  A boathouse would allow a centralized location for the entire team to meet at, including the days where the weather is not cooperating and we are forced to hold dry-land practices.