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Laboratories and Facilities

  • Laboratories
    • Fisher Hall B004

B004 hosts a large optical table with a safety enclosure for safe laser operation.

New cabinets and desks have been installed in summer 2011, as part of a general Fisher Hall lab renovation.

A shared hood and space for securing gas cylinders  is available in an adjacent lab.

    • Fisher Hall B022

Currently in B022 we perform tests on levitated and pendant droplets and work on diode lasers for photoacoustic applications

  • Instrumentation
    • Fianium supercontinuum laser (pulsed laser, 20MHz rep rate, emission spectrum 400 - 2200 nm, >2mW/nm)
      • Pulse picker
      • 2 Acousto Optic Tunable Filters (AOTFs)
      • 8 Filters wheel
    • Diode green laser (532 nm, 0.4W)
    • Diode blue laser (447nm, 1W)
    • HeNe laser (633nm, 22mW)
    • Various diode lasers
    • Custom photoacoustic/nephelometer cell (for aerosol absorption and total scattering measurements)
    • TSI Portable condensation particle counter (for particles between ~30 and 1000nm)
    • 4 stages impactor (for collection of aerosol particles on SEM stubs or TEM grids for electron microscopy)
    • 2 custom-made sequential aerosol sampler for electron microscopy
    • 3 Radiance Research 1-wavelength Nephelometers (to measure aerosol total scattering)
    • 2-Wavelength aethalometer (to measure BC equivalent mass)
    • PMS intracavity aerosol optical sizers (for particle sizes from 0.09 to 7.5 um)
    • TSI optical particle counters
    • Aerosol delivery manifold
    • 2 um DFB diode laser
    • Various visible and IR detectors  
    • Generic electronic instrumentation (e.g. Lock-in amplifiers, oscilloscopes, waveform generators)