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Goals - Our research activity is principally aimed at developing instrumentation, designing laboratory studies and participating in field campaigns to understand the role that atmospheric aerosols (man-made as well as natural) have on climate and air quality. In particular we are interested in applying optical techniques to this field and in determining the aerosol optical properties and their interactions with clouds (the effects that aerosols have on clouds as well as the effects that clouds have on aerosols). See also the ongoing research projects and collaborative efforts link for details.

  • Instrument Development
    • Photoacoustic/nephelometer spectrometers
    • Acoustic aerosol levitator/concentrator
    • Tunable diode laser for differential absorption spectroscopy
    • Sequential aerosol samplers for electron microscopy  analysis

  • Laboratory Studies
    • Aerosol optical properties
    • Multiphase turbulent cloud chamber (under development at MTU)
    • Droplet levitation
    • Ice nucleation