Philosophy of Literacy Support


Ariana L. Erickson M.A.


MC-1 Media Center


 Philosophy of Reading Support 

Ariana L. Erickson

            Reading Support focuses on skill building, self-confidence, self-monitoring and goal setting.

            Students are placed in Academic Support because they have demonstrated weakness in skills related to grade-level reading. Support, therefore, focuses on building strength in various literacy sub-skills: vocabulary; genre awareness; text structure; reading comprehension(literal and inferential); reading fluency; and decoding.  Skills are taught through direct-instruction and mini-lessons using a research-based program - Leveled Literacy Intervention (LLI), and a lot of authentic practice using vocabulary-rich, high-interest texts of both fiction and non-fiction.

           In order for students to improve they must be in charge of their learning.  Using portfolios, Reader Response Journals, peer and teacher-conferences, self-monitoring of reading and personal goal-setting, students learn to monitor their academic progress and learn to make academic plans for continued self-improvement.

                I am excited to begin a new year, and to help each student develop and grow - in their own way -  a rich love of reading as they gain skills, strategies and confidence!