Sectional Policies

Homestead Orchestra Sectional Information Sheet

Notes and Policies

        I believe that sectionals are the single most important learning experience offered in the Homestead Orchestra Program.  In sectionals, we handle technical issues specific to each section.  We explore and understand complex fingerings.  We rehearse difficult passages under tempo.  We develop specific performance skills.  We get to know each other in the smaller sectional groups.  We work toward unifying our style and intonation within each section.  We sometimes even bring treats to share!  It is not an exaggeration to state that, without sectionals, the Homestead Orchestra Program would fail to reach it’s potential.  

        Sectionals serve their function only when the entire section is present.  Sectional attendance is not optional--participation is an expectation of membership in the Homestead Orchestra Program.  By not attending a sectional, you are letting down your entire section and the rest of the orchestra, as well as denying yourself a valuable learning opportunity.  

        All policies regarding sectional attendance are outlined below.  In addition, the entire sectional schedule for the semester is presented on the reverse side.

        Be sure to transfer this important information into your and your family’s calendars.  It is your responsibility to take control of your life and your personal schedule!  Please make your attendance at all of your sectionals a personal priority the school year.


All sectionals begin promptly at 2:45 and conclude at 3:45.

Athletes are excused to go to team practice at 3:30.

Attendance at and participation in each sectional is worth 50 points towards your orchestra grade. If you miss a sectional and do not make it up, you will receive 0 points for that assignment--this will have a powerful and negative effect on your final orchestra grade!

You are expected to attend your regularly scheduled sectional, unless an athletic competition conflicts with the date.  Please clear your work schedules to avoid conflicts with sectionals!  Most book discussion sessions are offered at multiple times, so check your orchestra sectional schedule before you sign up for a book discussion.

You must utilize the Sectional Conflict form (green--copies available in one of the metal bins on the folder cabinets) to communicate with me in writing if you expect to miss a sectional.  You may turn in your form any time before the sectional is scheduled.  Failure to let me know about an anticipated sectional absence will result in an automatic deduction of 20 points.  There is no penalty for missing a sectional if you were excused from school that day, although you must still make it up.

All students may make up their first missed sectional for full credit.  Subsequent sectional make-ups will only earn 40 out of the full credit 50 points, excepting excused absenses from school.

Following a sectional you do not attend, you will receive a Sectional Absence form (yellow) from me.  To receive your 50, 40, or 30 points, you must sign and turn in this form after you make up the sectional.  A make-up sectional is primarily an individual student responsibility.  Sectionals must be made up at school, working on specific passages of orchestra music (or Chamber Orchestra music).

You cannot make up sectionals from a previous quarter during the following quarter.  Each quarter grade includes your sectional attendance from only that nine week period.