A Digital Poster by Dr. Carolyn Anderson and Pattie Mascaro

In this presentation, we'd like to share an introductory activity that Carolyn Anderson asked students to complete in INTS 3331: International Community Development. Our hope was that this initial activity would set the stage for community building, as well as provide scaffolding for technical skills learners would use later in the course. 

Adventures in Virtual Space

Course Outline and Assignment at a Glance Document
Below are details about the assignments learners were asked to complete to meet the course learning outcomes.
Learners may or may not use the same technology utilized in the introductory activities. However, we felt the technological skills were transferable to any of the technology platforms learners might use to create their "Showcase of Learning/Online Multimedia Magazine" assignment.

INTS 3331 Shared Google Map
As part of an introductory activity, learners were asked to show international locations where they had visited, worked or volunteered. The following image shows what the shared Google Map looked like once learners and the instructor added their locations. 

We were concerned that students would have trouble just adding their locations. This was not an issue. In fact, one student decided to help organize the map locations by grouping locations. What this meant was that individual names no longer appeared in the side menu. Instead, one had to click on each location to view the individual's name. 

Screen Capture of Shared INTS 3331 Map

Google Maps Resources

CNIE Conference: Adventures in Cyberspace Google Maps Handout

Video Tour of INTS 3331: International Community Development
View this video tour of INTS 3331 to see how the course is structured in Blackboard.

YouTube Video

Video Introductions by Learners

The following videos are samples of the introductions created by students in INTS 3331, used with their permission.

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Samples of Student Assignments

Katherine Acorn

Catherine Burns

Felicity Sonnenburg 

YouTube Resources

CNIE Conference: Adventures in Cyberspace YouTube Handout