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WAMS Derby Highlights

posted Apr 12, 2016, 12:22 PM by Lauralee Richardson   [ updated Apr 26, 2016, 7:51 AM ]

By: Nicky Zuino and Brandon Zheng

Cars racing down the hardwood floor while the roars of the kid push the car even more. On Thursday, March 3, many budding scientists showed up to race their cars in the gymnasium after school. WAMS Derby is a yearly competition where teams get a matchbox car and supplies such as a napkin, balloon, two rubber bands, string, two popsicle sticks, plastic bag, two pipe cleaners, two paper clips, index card, and a straw. For WAMS Derby, all the participants need to embellish the car in such a way that the car will move in front of a box fan.

Every year, the amount of students who go to WAMS Derby varies. Traditionally, over twenty five teams compete yearly. Only three teams place for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. WAMS Derby has been going on for twenty three years! Mrs Keller and Mrs. Pascale started it and it is still thriving today. They got the basic concept from a science convention for schools. They feel it is one of the best ideas they have ever had.

In order to help continue the tradition, many teachers go to the gymnasium to assist with the event. They set up a series of fans and desks to record the lengths. The excited students, equipped with their cars, showed up on time to start the competition. Laurelle LaMarche, a competitor in the race, stated, “The experience was fun. Even though my car didn’t win, I got a lot of knowledge for next year’s car.”

This year, there were approximately forty teams competing in the WAMS Derby. In third place was Chris Furze and Connor McDonough. The “Mc Furzzy” car traveled 6.88 meters! In second place was Tegan Powell, Madison Guenther, Nicky Zuino, and Rehana Wells. The “Cheken Chonga’s” car traveled 8.64 meters. In first place was Jimmy Fletcher, Justin Nikolic, Jack Jones, and Logan Jagodzinski, known as “The Kings.” Their car traveled at an astonishing length of 8.88 meters! Overall, all the students enjoyed the learning experience. Even though they didn’t all place, they won the knowledge.