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The Shining Star Mrs. Hillbert

posted Feb 18, 2016, 12:33 PM by Lauralee Richardson

By: Leah Rivenburgh

Mrs. Hillbert is like an array of colors she is an art lover, she gardens, is an art lover/collector, volunteers, rides english saddle and cooks. She is a woman who does it all.

Mrs. Hillbert is from New York although her parents are from Puerto Rico.  They moved in the big migration after World War II. Her native language is similar to Portuguese and her great grandparents spoke Spanish. Being the strong person that she is, she joined the army.  She is now a veteran and served in Vietnam. She has been married for many years and has had two children who are now also happily married.

As for her career, she was a medical technologist.  Due to an accident on the job, she could no longer continue to work as a medical technologist. The silver lining to this story though is that her friend convinced her into subbing and soon after she became a teacher.  She has been educating students in Spanish for the last seventeen years. Ironically though, she did not want to teach kids under the age of eighteen.

It’s a wonder that she makes students want to learn.  Mrs. Hilbert has said, “Like selling something, true salesmanship begins when the person says no.” She believes students process information in different ways, which goes along with differentiated instruction.  She believes this because some students might be better off learning with another strategy. While some students prefer the textbook, others might like the computer better.

One of her most memorable quotes is “a gardner's multiple ingeniuses” which signifies that people are intelligent in different ways.

At the end of this year, William Allen Middle School’s shining star will no longer be here because Mrs. Hillbert will be off to Colorado.  Her son lives there although her daughter lives in San Diego. Over her visits in Colorado, she fell in love with Denver where she will be moving to. Next year, she will finally have the retirement she has earned where she will become a college professor.  She actually started out as one when she first started teaching.

    The entire school will miss her a lot, but it is important to remember that her “greatest reward was teaching middle school.”