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The 2016-2017 Student Council Election

posted Jan 10, 2017, 12:49 PM by Lauralee Richardson

By: Nicky Zuino

Student. Council. Change. Student council is the vehicle for change initiated by the students. This year our Executive Board, or E-Board, contains Rishil Panchal, Anthony Ambrose, Soleil Saint-Cyr, and Cara Petrycki.  Our E-Board president is Matt Romano. Student council has many great plans to make “WAMS Great Again,” a timely slogan that Matt created for this year’s campaign.

Rishil Panchal knows that school may not always be the most fun, but he can make school a little more fun for the rest of us. He says he is going to make school decent by trying to make small, but important, improvements at WAMS.  For example, he would like to see student water bottles and new rules allowing students to change their laptop backgrounds.

While Anthony Ambrose was encouraged to run for the board by many others, he personally loved being in student council. Friends helped create his posters. He made them bright  and strategically placed them in an area where lots of students would see them.  Although he shared with the News Magazine that he doubted his chances for winning, he succeeded in surprising himself.  Overall, he is exceedingly happy that he won and got a lot of support from his classmates.

Cara Petrycki and Soleil Saint-Cyr both agreed to run with the slogan that they would fight for everything the student body supports.  Given the students’ hopes for a new dance at WAMS, they both shared their desire to bring a formal dance to the middle school.

Naveen Shah joined student council with the hopes of becoming a leader for his school. He ran with the idea of making the audience laugh. He shared that you shouldn't doubt yourself or your technique. That's an important step to joining the E-board.

This year's president, Matt Romano, was inspired to to run in order to get the student body laughing. He wants to replace the spirit week dance with an updated, formal dance. He established that the spirit week dance is not as well-attended as it should be.  Lindsay Vallila, a WAMS student said, “It's an exciting idea, and I think more people would come! I hope it happens.”

The student body is very excited to have Matt Romano as their new student council leader.  Romano, the landslide winner of our election, used many effective tactics like being bold, and standing out from the rest. He compared himself to a real life nominee by giving a nod to Donald Trump’s campaign slogan.  In conclusion, student council is a gateway for us, the students, to establish a chance to make this school even greater.