About Us:

We are a group of middle and high school students who have embraced the electronic world and want to share our love and knowledge with our peers, teachers and community members.

Our Mission: 

To help students and faculty achieve proficiency using technology devices including Windows, Chromebooks, Apple products (iPhones/iPads), Kindle & Nook devices and the many various apps and software offered in the Mount Pleasant Central School District.  In addition, we offer members of our community one to one assistance with their personal devices so they can connect with families and feel comfortable using online resources.



  • Help teachers and staff become proficient using Google for Education.

  • Help teachers to incorporate technology into their classrooms.

  • Help teachers become more comfortable with technology devices and applications.

  • Help students understand and use technology to better perform in school.

  • Teach senior citizens to use their technology to help connect them with their families.