September 12, 2016 Board Meeting

Mount Pleasant Community School District School Board Meeting
Date  September 12, 2016  6:00 PM
Mount Pleasant Community School District:    High School Media Center
Mount Pleasant, Iowa 52641
1.   Call to Order
2.   Roll Call
3.   Approval of Agenda
4.   Citizen Comments
5.   Consent Items     
      a.   Minutes

     b.   Accounts Payable
     c.   Contracts
     d.  Human Resources
     e.  Open Enrollment
     f.  Financials
6.  Reports
     a.  Instructional Services
          i.  Class of 2016 ACT results (Todd Liechty - HS Principal)
         ii.  Teacher Professional Development Update (Katie Gavin - Director of Instruction)
     b.  Administrative Services
          i.  IASB Convention  -  November 16-18, 2016
         ii.  IASB Fall Meetings - October 27 - Iowa City - Whose Job Is It Anyway?   Board Governance
        iii.  IASB TregoEd Budget Reduction Training - October 20  9:00AM - 3:30PM
      c.  Board Committee Reports
          i.  Site Committee
              1)  Elementary Air Conditioning Update
         ii.  Policy Committee
              1)  School Board Election Information
       iii.   Finance
   7.  Unfinished Business
   8.  New Business
        a.  Consideration of Teacher Quality Committee Administrative Team Members (Motion)
        b.  Review Fund Balances
   9.  Adjournment