October 8, 2018 School Board Meeting

Mount Pleasant Community School District School Board Meeting
Date  Monday, October 8, 2018    6:00 PM 
Mount Pleasant Community School District:  High School Media Center
Mount Pleasant, Iowa 52641
1.  Call to Order
2.  Roll Call
3.  Approval of Agenda
4.  Citizen Comments
5.  Approval of Minutes, Claims, Financials
6.      Reports
       a.      Instructional Services
               i.      Review 2018 Summer School Program and Data – Lori LaFrenz, Elementary Principal
              ii.      Class of 2018 ACT Results – Todd Liechty, High School Principal
       b.       Superintendent’s Report
                   1.      IASB Legislative Priorities Update
                   2.      IASB Director District #9 Vacancy
                   3.      IASB Annual Convention     – Nov. 14-16, Des Moines
                   4.      School Emergency Planning Seminar – Oct. 11, Ottumwa
                   5.      Forum on Children’s Systems State Board – Oct. 11, Cedar Rapids
                   6.      School Board Work Session – October 22 @6pm – Iowa House District 84 Candidates Mitchell and Moats
                   7.      FY19 Statewide Budget Guarantee Data
       c.       Board Committee Reports
                 i.      Finance
                ii.      Site
               iii.      Policy
 7.      Other Board Communications
 8.      Consent Items
           a.      Personnel
           b.     Open Enrollment
 9.      Unfinished Business
10.      New Business
            a.      Review FY18 Certified Annual Report
            b.      Review FY18 Special Education Supplement
            c.       Review FY18 Transportation Report
            d.      Review FY18 Unspent Authorized Budget Report
            e.      Approve Modified Allowable Growth for Special Education Deficit    (Motion)
            f.        Approve Modified Allowable Growth for Limited English Proficiency     (Motion)
            g.      Consideration to Approve $15,000 for Pickleball Court Construction     (Motion)
            h.      First Reading Board Policy Series 700, Recommendation to Post Notice of Intended Action     (Motion)
                      i.      702.4 Investments
                     ii.      707.4 Eligibility for Free or Reduced Cost Meals
            i.    Adjournment