April 9, 2018 School Board Meeting

Mount Pleasant Community School District School Board Meeting
Date  Monday, April 9  6:00 PM
Mount Pleasant Community School District: High School Media Center
Mount Pleasant, Iowa 52641
1.  Call to Order
2.  Roll Call
3.  Approval of Agenda
4.  Citizen Comments
5.  Approval of Minutes, Claims, Financials
6.  Reports
      a.  Instructional Services
            i.   Home School Assistance Program – Lynne Haeffner and Ashlei Venghaus, Instructors
      b.   Administrative Services
              i.   Superintendent’s Report
                   1.   IASB Policy Leadership and Legal Issues Conference, Apr. 12, 9am-3pm, Des Moines
                   2.   Elementary A/C Update
                   3.   April 23 Work Session – Buildings and Grounds and PBIS Building Data
                   4.   MPEA Negotiation April 11 @ 4pm
                   5.   Legislative Update
       c.   Board Committee Reports
                 i.  Finance
                ii.  Site
               iii.  Policy
7.    Other Board Communications
8.     6:15pm – Public Hearing: FY19 Budget
9.     6:20pm – Public Hearing: 2018-2019 School Calendar
10.  Consent Items
       a.  Personnel
       b.  Open Enrollment
11.   Unfinished Business
       a.   FY19 Budget Adoption (Motion)
       b.   Approve 2018-2019 School Calendar (Motion)
12.   New Business
        a.   Open Board Policy Series 600 for Review
        b.   Approve FY19 Budget Guarantee Resolution (Motion)
        c.    Approve Elementary A/C Phase II Construction Contracts (Motion)                                                       i.   General Construction
              ii.    Controls
                iii.    Mechanical and Plumbing
                iv.    Electrical and Fire Alarm
       d.   Approve 2018-2019 Registration Fees (Motion)
       e.   Approve 2018-2019 Hot Lunch Prices (Motion)
       f.    Approve Bid for Mapleleaf Paving Project (Motion)
       g.    Approve Driver Education Service Proposal (Motion)
       h.    Approve Audit Services for Review of FY18 (Motion)
       i.     First Reading with Recommendation to Post Notice of Intended Action,
              i.  Board Policy 707.2 Scope of the Nutrition Program
       j.    Negotiations Discussion (Exempt from Open Meetings law)
      k.    Approve 2018-2019 AFSCME Contract
      l.     Adjournment