Online Classes

While traditional book work classes will be offered through the public schools as usual, students will be given the option of taking the course online and will be notified by phone when a session opens.  Students may enroll in any available session. If students are at least 14 ½ years old and are in the 9th grade or higher, they are eligible to sign up for an online book work class by going to  The cost for the course is $60 (non-refundable) and payments can be made through PayPal. 

The online course covers the state and national standards required for drivers' education.  An instructor will monitor progress and be available to assist with questions. The course must be completed within a four week window.  Each week during the four week period requires the student to complete a certain number of units.

Successful completion of the course requirements will result in the student receiving the paperwork necessary for the driving portion of driver's education. 

Registration is limited to the first 90 students; sessions will be posted as they are scheduled. For more information contact Jan Webster at the Western Region Education Service Alliance at 828-774-5681  Ext. 21 

Once a student has been registered for an online class, they will receive an email containing instructions on how to enroll in the class through Haiku and orientation information.  All correspondence throughout the course will be through the students email.  Once the online course is complete, the student will get an email with their final grade.

    Class Work Requirements:

  • It will take approximately seven and a half hours a week to complete the units. 
  • All sections and quizzes must be completed for Units during the designated time.
  • Road Signs Test and Final Exam must be completed on one of the designated dates during the designated time.
  • You must make an overall an over all grade of "60" to receive credit for this course. 

    **Please note, you must complete assignments during the time frame outlined in the schedule. You will NOT be allowed to makeup any assignments.**

If a student is enrolled in a public high school, the grade will be sent to the driving instructor at your school. 

If a student is a private, home, charter, virtual or other type of student who mailed his/her restricted instruction permit to Mountain Professionals, the grade will be sent to Mountain Professionals.  They will then send the restricted permit to the driving instructor in your district.

Once the instructor receives the restricted permit you will be scheduled to drive by birth order, oldest first.  This will take several weeks depending on your age and the number of students in your district.

If you need to print a copy of the Restricted Permit, you can download it here:Restricted Instruction Permit. Forms can be mailed to the following address:

Mountain Professionals, Inc.

PO Box 212

Bakersville, NC  28705

  Make sure to:

Complete the form in BLUE or BLACK ink.

Have a parent/guardian sign in BLUE or BLACK ink.

Have your eyes checked at the DMV.


Students will not be able to drive until this form is turned in.

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