This Strategic Plan was developed with a high level of community involvement that will guide the actions of the Mt. Lebanon School District for the next six years. The Strategic Plan sets the direction for the District and develops long-term goals. This plan recognizes the strengths of our schools while identifying opportunities for improvement along with recommendations for taking action, monitoring progress and modifying plans. 

District Mission: To Provide the Best Education Possible for Each and Every Student
As defined by its constituents, students, staff, parents, and community, the mission of the Mt. Lebanon School District is to provide the best education possible in a fiscally responsible manner.  This means operating within the constraints of local, state, and federal resources and limitations. Additionally, the Mt. Lebanon School District provides the best education possible for each individual student and every student collectively. Mt. Lebanon School District constituents will know this mission has been accomplished when the strategic plan goals have been achieved.  

The Pennsylvania Department of Education requires school districts to complete a Comprehensive Plan which includes components derived from our Strategic Plan like Professional Education, Teacher Induction, Special Education, Gifted, Student Services, and Technology. Our 2012-2018 Constituent Driven Strategic Plan informed the completion of the initial Comprehensive Plan submission. Most components of the Comprehensive Plan are on a six year cycle aligned to our Strategic Plan, but two components are on a three year cycle: Special Education and Professional Education. The Special Education three-year update was approved by the Board, submitted and approved by PDE in the Spring of 2015. We must submit the Professional Education three-year update this Fall of 2015. The Comprehensive Plan, including the Professional Education component, has been updated. The Board is asked to consider the plan in September, allow the community to provide input for 28 days, and then take action on a final submission at the October School Board meeting. The Plan is to be submitted by November 30, 2015. Mt. Lebanon School District Comprehensive Plan

District Vision:  Relentless Pursuit of Excellence
In order to achieve our mission, the District must pursue organizational excellence. The Mt. Lebanon School District uses criteria recognized throughout the nation as the best measures for defining organizational excellence and manages the performance of the School District by aligning to the strategic plan goals and by deploying and continually improving all systems and processes.

District Core Values  
 The core values set the stage for providing the best education possible for Mt. Lebanon students. Core values are a system of beliefs and behaviors that an organization exhibits on a day to day basis. They guide all processes and conditions in the District. By the District’s commitment to continuous improvement at all levels of the organization and the meticulous attention to quality processes in management of the District, the Mt. Lebanon School District remains a provider of exemplary public education. The District’s Core Values, which are found in School Board Policy AE are as follows:
  • High Expectations for All  
  • Respect, Honesty, and Integrity  
  • Student Centered Learning  
  • Teamwork and Collaboration  
  • Continuous Improvement  
  • Data-Informed Decisions  
  • Value Stakeholder Contributions

Guiding Philosophy: Continuous Improvement
Continuous improvement is one of the Mt. Lebanon School District core values. At its essence, it means the desire to get better minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day. It is an acknowledgement that nothing in any organization is perfect and that there are multiple opportunities for improvement that continuously present themselves. Continuous improvement is the primary strategy District staff uses to achieve the District vision of a relentless pursuit of excellence. The continuous improvement philosophy is the recognition that the pursuit of excellence is a moving target. What is excellent today may be the definition of mediocrity tomorrow. Never accepting the status quo is the only way to keep a great school district great. Continuous improvement is what we desire for our students as they learn throughout the year and move from grade level to grade level and subject area to subject area. It is the Mt. Lebanon staff commitment to this philosophy that creates outstanding student performance levels in academics, the arts, and athletics. The results staff members achieve are a reflection of how well continuous improvement is practiced across all schools and departments.

In order for continuous improvement to work effectively, a related District core value must also work equally effectively, that of data-informed decisions. Data-informed decisions require the continual collection of accurate key performance indicator information in order to optimize productivity, eliminate waste, and manage the District’s resources effectively and efficiently.  

Balanced Scorecard
The Mt. Lebanon School District’s Balanced Scorecard, aligned to the four strategic plan goals, is the focus for data collection. The Balanced Scorecard is used by School Board members, District senior staff, and community members to analyze the general performance of the District. The Balanced Scorecard is used by department personnel to analyze how well the strategies defined in the District strategic plan are working, if targets are being met and outcomes achieved, and if improvement activities need to be initiated. The Balanced Scorecard is used by staff members to monitor performance and determine improvement priorities, and is an essential part of school improvement planning. 

 Data analysis will be used to determine performance levels and may identify new opportunities for improvement.  Mt. Lebanon staff members believe that, if the strategic plan goals are valued, then the goals need to be measured.   If the goals are not measured, improvement may not occur, and goals may never be achieved.   Visit the Mt. Lebanon School District  Balanced Scorecard  by clicking the tabs at the top of this page for more information.