#MoHonest at Senate

March 11, 2014

Blanchard Great Room | 7:30PM

In light of recent events and the incident where a MHC student was arrested, I would like to update you all on a few things.

As I am sure you have seen around campus, the colored slips of paper are the stories of MHC's students of color. The movement is called MoHonest and this is their Tumblr page

A few students have asked about forums and whether SGA will be hosting any to address some of the things that have been happening on campus of late. At this time, SGA will not be hosting a forum because students are ready for actions and steps to be taken beyond just talking. This does not mean there is not a space for students to voice their concerns, opinions and beliefs. I invite you all to come to senate later today at 7:30PM in the Blanchard Great Room, where our Chair of Senate, Quanita Hailey will lead us in a discussion on what steps we as students can take towards achieving visible results around institutionalized racism.

Please recognize that SGA is made of students and as such serves the needs of students. Everyone has a claim to the spaces and resources that SGA provides. Know that E-Board and I will work with you in whatever capacity we can to achieve constructive results and changes- all you have to do is let us know what you want.

Again, I urge you to come to Senate later and inform the campus so that we can move forward with what you would like in mind.

SGA Speaks

Courtesy of MHN
Written by Geena Molinaro

At Senate, the E-Board discussed the SGA’s collaboration with the Weissman Center for Leadership (WCL) to send five SGA students to the Public Leadership Education Network (PLEN). This is open to all SGA senators and the program will occur on March 17 and 18 in Washington D.C. More information about this opportunity is available online at the WCL website.

The E-Board discussed the Seven Sisters Leadership Conference (SSLC) that they attended from Nov. 1 through Nov. 3. There, the representatives discussed student life and academics within each of the colleges, among other topics.

The Academic Priorities Committee (APC) presented at Senate. The committee brought up the new requirement system being proposed at Mount Holyoke. These include three humanities, two social science, two science and math and one First-year seminar courses in addition to four P.E. credits. The First-year seminar courses will not be able to count towards other distribution requirements. Students will also be expected to take 68 credits outside of their major. The language requirement, which was originally taken out of the proposal, was recently added back in.  Discussions about club sports counting for credits is also being discussed. The Multicultural and lab requirements have been removed under this proposal.

Senators expressed their opinions regarding this new proposal and voted 49 to 7 in favor, with one abstention to review the APC’s proposal of the distribution requirements.

President Lynn Pasquerella attended the Senate meeting and responded to students’ concerns, suggestions and questions about MHC. Students voiced concerns about the distribution requirements, academic advising, the College’s retention rate, financial aid and the administration’s overall transparency.