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About us

Daisy Chain has evolved to be a highly competitive team with enthusiastic players. The team started off with a small number of new players. In Spring of 2014 the team developed quickly and became tremendously cohesive, strong and very good at ultimate. The teams growth culminated into placing 4th in New England Regionals in the Spring of 2014. The Spring season of 2015 was a victorious time for the team;  undefeated until regionals. In Spring 2016, we successfully made it to Nationals for the first time placing 9th overall in the tournament. In Spring 2017, we made it to Nationals again for the second year in a row,  placing 11th overall.
This year with our competitive spirit and positive attitude we plan on making it to Nationals again, hopefully ranking higher than we have in the past. 

The team values strengthening our diverse and skilled players, using our defense to shut down our opponents, wobbling often and aspiring to be national champions again!  

Katherine Norris,
Oct 9, 2017, 10:08 AM