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Guest Access - setting up

Course settings to allow  Guest Access  
NOTE:  This will give the guest the ability to read/view anything in your course, but the guest will not be able to contribute or post.   It is meant for users without any Mount Holyoke or other Five College credentials
  1. Go to your course in Moodle and click on Users in the Course Administration block in the left column, which will expand to list additional options.
  2. Directly under Users, click on Enrolment Methods which will open some options in the center screen.
  3. In the list of Enrolment Methods, you'll see Guest access is grey (see image below).  
    1. Click on the eye symbol to enable, then 
    2. Click on the gear icon to set a password.

  4. Create a password (or use the pre-generated one) - which you will give to your prospective guest user.   TIP:   It's helpful to Unmask so you can be sure of what you are typing.  No one else will see this section besides the instructor.    
  5. You will also need the URL for your Moodle course.   This is the address that shows in the browser when you are on the home page of your Moodle course.   It looks like this:
    https://moodle.mtholyoke.edu/course/view.php?id=XXXX   ... you will see a 4 digit course ID# in place of the X's.
  6. Give your prospective guest the URL and the password you created.