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Adding students to your courses

Most students will be added automatically to your course by regular data updates from MyMountHolyoke, but if you need to give a student access before they are registered, you can add students manually: 
  1. Go to your Moodle course homepage. 
  2. Look for the Course Administration menu in the left column. Click on Users. 
  3. Click on Enrolled users.
  4. On the right-hand side, click on Enroll users.
  5. At the top of the box, change the role to Unregistered. (Always use Unregistered instead of Student when enrolling manually: the student's role will change to Student after the student registers in MyMountHolyoke.) 
  6. At the bottom of the box, enter the student's surname and hit Search.
  7. Click Enroll next to the student you want to enroll. Steps 6 and 7 can be repeated to enroll multiple students manually.
  8. Click Finish enrolling users when you are done.
Five College students who have never taken a course at Mount Holyoke before may not be visible in MHC Moodle courses until they have logged in to moodle.mtholyoke.edu for the first time.  The act of logging in will generate a Moodle profile account for them automatically in that case.
Faculty: if you do not find the student's name when you search (step #6), ask that student to log in to Moodle once and just log back out again.   Then the student's name will appear in the list with all the others and you can proceed as above.

Be sure to remind students that they need to be registered for the course in MyMountHolyoke to get credit: Moodle access does not mean they are registered.