Creating a Course Backup File

Course backup files provide a way to move all of the contents of a Moodle course to a new location. The file is similar to a .zip archive file, and is a way to save the information from an entire course - including student data - in one compressed package. You might want to take a backup file to another school's Moodle server, move it to a new course site on the same server, or simply keep it on your own hard drive or in your own Google Drive space for future use.  Unpacking a backup in a new location on Moodle is called doing a RESTORE. 

There is also a way to IMPORT files from one course site on Moodle to another, which moves files and activities but does not include most student data. To learn more about the difference between RESTORE and IMPORT, see Restoring a Course Backup File to an Empty Course Site. If you'd prefer to use the import function, see Moving Material Between Courses. If you're uncertain which to use, please contact your LITS Liaison
Creating a Course Backup file:
  1. Go to your Moodle course> Course administration > Backup. 
  2. Look through the default Backup settings that are checked and check any additional settings that you want to use, then click the Next button
  3. Include - Here you can uncheck boxes to exclude things you don't want to back up, such as empty weeks or topics, then click the Next button 
  4. Confirm - Here you can review your Backup settings and Included items, check that everything is as required, then click Perform Backup 
  5. Depending on the size of your course, the progress bar may take a few minutes to complete your backup   
  6. Complete - Click the Continue button
  7. The final screen that appears is for managing your backup files. Be sure to download your backup files to your own storage! Scroll down to the "Course backup area" section, which will show the downloadable file for the course for which you just created a backup. 
  8. Click download next to the course backup file you just created, and save to your local machine or to your Google Drive.
  9. Note:  Please consult the Restoring a Course Backup File page for instructions on using the restore function.