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Course Assessment

The training course is assessed based on attendance, participation and engagement in class activities and discussion, and the completion of a final portfolio. The portfolio contains:
  1. One active learning module lesson plan (in pairs)
  2. Two written code reviews
  3. Three short written reflections
  4. One MaGE Training video

Successful completion of the MaGE Training Course requires completing all four parts of the portfolio. There will time in class to begin working on most of the parts, but time must be spent outside of class to finish them.

Active Learning Module Lesson Plan
This assignment consists of creating a lesson plan for a 30-40 minutes activity designed to engage introductory students. More information can be found in the lesson plan for Session 5.

Code Reviews (2)
Students will complete two separate code reviews on sample assignments. Code Review 1 occurs before Session 4 and Code Review 2 occurs before Session 5.

Written Reflections (4)
Each a few paragraphs in length, these reflections help students to digest the topics from the reading and class discussions. Prompts are given in the lesson plan in which the reflections are assigned as homework (Sessions 2, 3, 4 and 5).

MaGE Training Video
Students make a one minute video pertaining to some (assigned) topic from the course. The video should describe the topic briefly, and share one concrete thing about the topic. For instance, why is it relevant to computer science?