Ammal Abbasi
Eeman Abbasi
Shanzeh Agrawala
Kat Aiello
Alyx Burns
Tricia Chaffey
CiCi Chen
Kuan-chi Chen
Olivia Chen
Tien Dao
Ranjini Das
Hiwete Fetene
Ani Gelashvili
Mahima Ghale
Xijie Guo
Sylvia Hoang
Alina Khan
Hyeji Kim
Claire Newsome
Sarah Robinson
Sara Rutkowski
Ana Saverchenko
Ada Schnake
Hashma Shahid
My Trinh

Alyx Burns
Caitlin Coggins
Emily Craig
Saadia Gabriel
Briar Harrison
Katie Ho
Nikki Hoffler
Ella Holmes
Nikita Khan
Claire Newsome
Kayla Nguyen
Sarah Read
Sarah Robinson
Ngoc Vu

Giga Educator Mentors Spring 2017
Spring 2017 GEMs

MaGE Practicum Fall 2016
Fall 2016 GEMs

2015-2016 GEMs


Heather Pon-Barry (PI), Computer Science

Audrey St. John (co-PI), Computer Science

Becky Packard (co-PI), Psychology and Education

Barbara Rotundo (MaGE Program Coordinator), Computer Science


9/1/17, Article in ACM Inroads, "Addressing the CS capacity challenge by improving undergraduate peer mentoring," (Pon-Barry, St. John, Packard, Stephenson)

3/10/17, Panel presentation at SIGCSE 2017, "Scaling Introductory Courses Using Undergraduate Teaching Assistants," (Forbes, Malan, Pon-Barry, Reges, and Sahami) 

3/9/17, Panel presentation at SIGCSE 2017, "New Tools and Solutions to Address the CS Capacity Crunch"

3/4/16, Poster presentation at SIGCSE 2016, "Megas and Gigas Educate (MaGE): A Curricular Peer Mentoring Program," (Pon-Barry, St. John, Packard, and Rotundo) [abstract] [poster]

3/3/16, Panel presentation at SIGCSE 2016, "Surfacing Solutions to the Capacity Crunch"

8/14/15, Panel presentation at Research on Equity and Sustained Participation in Engineering, Computing, and Technology (RESPECT) 2015, "You Should (And Can) Keep Diversity In Sharp Focus During the Enrollment Surge," (Kaczmarczyk, Monge, Offutt, Pon-Barry, and Westbrook)


2/16/17, "The CS Capacity Program - New Tools and SIGCSE 2017,Google Research Blog

3/16/15, "Google Computer Science Capacity Awards,Google Research Blog

3/11/15, "Google funds new computer science initiative," Mount Holyoke College Communications 

MaGE Award

The MaGE Award is given annually to students who have served as a GEM for two or more semesters, in recognition of their contributions and dedication to the goals of the MaGE program.

2017 recipients 
Alyx Burns
Claire Newsome
Sarah Robinson
Hashma Shahid

2016 recipients 
Katie Ho 
Sarah Read 
Ngoc Vu