Please join the iDesign Studio in celebrating three intensive weeks of hard work!
iDesign Studio:
Interactive Technology Project Showcase
Friday, August 21 from 3-4pm
Mount Holyoke College ~ Art 211

Designers are continually innovating ways of incorporating technology into today's world, from projections of butterflies on Grammy performance dresses to "smart" purses that sense when your wallet is missing. The recent emergence of low-cost, user-friendly components is making this new world of design accessible to a broad community. 

In this course, students will think critically about products already in the marketplace and will be given the tools to create their own designs. A sequence of hands-on workshops on electronics basics and microcontroller programming will provide the surprisingly minimal level of comfort and background in technology required to produce prototypes of these designs.

During summer '15, iDesign Studio will be offered (capacity 15).
  • August 3 - 21, 2015
  • MWF 9:30am - 4:30pm (lunch provided)
  • Mount Holyoke College
We would like to acknowledge the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center for the grant funding they have provided to support this program. 

YouTube Video: The Shy Cameleon

The Shy Cameleon: iDesign in Action

Meaghan Sullivan combines hand drawn pictures with programmed photo resistors to create a children's book character that twinkles with life! Lester the chameleon lights up and changes color as you turn the pages.


from Beginner
Tech Designer

The iDesign Studio is for students without technical background. The course will build up your experience through a series of classes, labs, and projects. 

 What will you design?

Eva Snyder had never done computer programming before taking iDesign. By the end of the course she had created MusicTouch, a tool that helps people learn to read music and sight sing.

I enjoy inventing, and computer science is a perfect way to be creative. You can design websites and create apps. And you can turn something as simple as making an LED blink into something much more sophisticated in only a few tiny steps."
Eva Snyder & MusicTouch

Want to see more iDesign products? 
Check out this article on Rayshobby, creator of the SquareWear microcontroller!