FAQs About MHC's Google Transition
Specific questions about Mount Holyoke College's Google transition process.

1.   When will my email be migrated to Google Apps for Education?
  • Email migration is complete as of December 2012.
  • Contact the Help Desk for assistance at helpdesk@mtholyoke.edu if you cannot access your MHC Google Apps account.
2.   Will our email addresses remain @mtholyoke.edu?

Yes, your Mount Holyoke email address will remain exactly the same as it is now, [username]@mtholyoke.edu.

You do not need to create a Google account, and you will not be using an @gmail address.

3.   Will my existing email folders and emails be migrated to Google along with my email account?

Yes, your existing email and folders will be migrated to Google if they are currently stored on MHC's email server, which is the case for most email accounts at Mount Holyoke. If you use email software to store messages on your local computer, we will have to make special arrangements to manually copy your email folders and messages to Google.  If you typically use email software other than Thunderbird or Webmail, such as Outlook or Outlook Express, and are unsure whether your email might be stored on your local hard drive, please contact the Help Desk for assistance at helpdesk@mtholyoke.edu.

4.   What if I already have a personal Gmail address/account?

That's fine. You can easily maintain both an MHC Google Mail account and your personal Gmail account. 
A discussion of strategies for managing multiple Google accounts can be found here:

If while logging into Google for the first time, you see a message that "An update to your account is required," please refer to the Google support pages on "conflicting accounts" or call the Help Desk at 538-2600 before proceeding. If you do not see this message, you are all set.

5.   What will my email quota be on Google Apps for Education (GAE)?
    Each user will be allocated 25 GB of space for email in Google Apps for Education. Currently on our MHC email system, 1 GB of space is allocated to each user for email.
6.   How can I access my email on Google Apps for Education?
    The most common method of accessing Google Apps and Google Mail is through any web browser, using Google's web interface, by logging in with your Mount Holyoke email address and password at:
    This is the preferred and fully supported method of using Google Apps since it provides full access to all Google Apps functionality.
7.   Can I continue to use Thunderbird or Pine?

With the migration to Google Apps for Education, the Google web interface becomes the supported email standard for Mount Holyoke College. Users who wish to self-support with other email clients -- such as Thunderbird, Outlook, or Mac's Mail -- will find robust support within the Google Settings.

The Helpdesk will provide support in setting up iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) for faculty and staff. Google offers a mail app designed to work specifically with iOS. You might give that a try -- it only allows one Google account per device, but it is very easy to set up and use. Faculty and staff who need help setting up their iOS device should contact the Helpdesk about arranging a time to visit.

PINE requires terminal session access which is not offered by Google.

8.   When will my calendar be migrated from Meeting Maker to Google Calendar?

Meeting Maker migration was completed in the first half of January, 2013. Google Calendar is now the College's officially supported calendar. Contact the Help Desk at helpdesk@mtholyoke.edu if you experienced issues with the transition of your calendar to Google.

9.   Will I still be able to use the same password I use for ella and ISIS?  How will I change my password after moving to Google?

Yes your password will still be shared among and kept in sync between Google, ella and ISIS.  

Password changes should be conducted from the MHC Password Profile page, not from the Google Account page.  Any password changes made within Google will simply be overwritten in 5-10 minutes by your old password when the account syncs from MHC to Google.  

10. In addition to email and calendaring, what Google applications will be available to MHC through Google Apps for Education?

Google Apps for Education and our contract with Google encompasses the following Google Apps for Education 'core applications':
  • Google Mail
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Contacts
  • Google Groups
  • Google Sites
  • Google Docs/Drive 
  • Google Talk
  • Google Video
Additional Google Applications, not covered by our current contract, are available to Google Apps @ MHC users.  These apps include:
  • 3D Warehouse
  • Blogger
  • Google Analytics
  • Bookmarks
  • Chrome Sync
  • Code
  • Custom Search
  • Google Desktop
  • Google In Your Language
  • Map Maker
  • Maps
  • News
  • Public Data
  • Reader
  • Squared
  • Translator Toolkit
  • Webmaster Tools
  • iGoogle
  • Picasa
  • Product Search
  • YouTube
  • Google+ (please note that creating a Google+ account creates a world-readable profile with a minimum of full name and association with Mount Holyoke College -- if you have FERPA-related privacy concerns, do not create a Google+ account)

    11. Will I still have to change my password every 180 days?
      Yes. The standard policy of requiring password changes every 180 days will remain in place for security reasons.