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Chocolate lab - Feb

MHC Physics and CS is partnering with Smith Physics and CS to present . . .

MHC-Smith Chocolate Lab
Have you ever walked past the Chocolate Emporium in Noho and wished you could work there? If you come to this event, they might actually hire you!

Physics Professor Kathy Aidala, together with Professor St. John of CS and some folks at Smith, have helped us put together a 'Chocolate Lab'. During the two-leg event we will create shapes, build molds, temper chocolate and make our own customized chocolates:

Event 1: 5:20, Monday Feb 2 at MHC:
At the first leg of the event we will learn how to make shapes using a 3D printer and a user-friendly software called Sketchup.
Professor Audrey St. John will lead the SketchUp session. There will be Pizza!

Event 2: Feb 12 at Smith (we leave campus at 4:15 pm):
This is the fun part (for us physics people), here's how it'll go down:
1) Eric Jensen from Smith will help us create molds for our 3D printed shapes using a super cool plastic-melting thing.
2) We will temper lots of chocolate while Professor Aidala gives us a sweet lesson on the materials science of chocolate making.
3) Put the melted chocolate in the molds, wait for it to set and enjoy! Even if you don't manage to temper it right - the melted chocolate still tastes great, trust us.

Important: Since the program involves us traveling to Smith we have a space constraint, e-mail if you are interested - it is first come first served. A wait list will be kept.

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