What is Female Feticide?

Female feticide is the sex-selective abortion of girls.

In India, and many other parts of the world, girl babies are being killed, aborted and abandoned simply for being girls. According to the United Nations, 200 million girls are estimated to be missing around the world because of this 'gendercide'. 

This war against the girl child is fueled by the deeply-imbedded cultural preference for boy children. The thirst for only boys has led countless expectant parents to kill their female foetuses in cold blood. Historically, the killing of newborn girls has been documented as far back as the 18th century, it has been reported that female infanticide existed in India since 1789 in several districts of Rajasthan; along the western shores in Gujarat – Surat and Kutch; and among a clan of Rajputs in eastern part of Uttar Pradesh. It was so rampant in Kutch that only five of such families were found who had not killed their ‘new-born’ daughters. Today, female infanticide has evolved into something even more insidious, with the killing of foetuses after determining their gender, in a supposedly enlightened 20th and 21st centuries. 

Access to new technology, like ultrasound systems, has made this practice easier for parents and a highly profitable and lucrative business for doctors, who can carry out these abortions with a very low risk of detection and legal action. 

In India, determining the gender of your fetus has been illegal since 1994, but with rampant corruption and easy access to technology, the number of girls missing is only growing.